Ten Years to Home

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Ten Years to Home

Venue Lennox Theatre
Dates 02 August - 03 August 2019
Category Live Event

Nautanki Theatre Company present
By Sonal Moore

Featuring a post-show Q&A with Sonal Moore (Writer), Jules Orcullo (Director) and Neel Banerjee (Producer) on 2 August

Nautanki Theatre Company return to Riverside with this captivating production that centres around the story of playwright Sonal Moore’s parents migrating to Australia and the crossover between Indian and Australian cultures.

Spanning a decade, Ten Years to Home gives a snapshot into the change of both India and Australia in the 1960s, which ultimately paved the way for the greater Asian migration in the early 1970s.

Looked at through the eyes of three generations of women, the play reveals the challenges faced by an Indian family living a long way from home and in a predominantly white Australia. It also shows the friendship that was extended to them ten years later when Australia had also become home.

This play is an outcome of Drama~Sutra Playwriting Project

FYI this production contains smoke haze. Death, miscarriage and religious themes are mentioned throughout the play.

Photography by Reema Gillani. Design by Neel Banerjee

Sonal Moore

Jules Orcullo

Concept and Production
Neel Banerjee

Madhu Das


Ten Years to Home

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1 hour 40 minutes (No interval)

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