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Venue Raffertys Theatre
Dates 18 January 2020
Category Live Event

Riverside and Sydney Festival present

Singaporean performing arts company SAtheCollective explore creative boundaries through cross-disciplinary and cross-cultural practices, engaging with the traditional and modern – the familiar and radical.

At this special event, the five-piece ensemble premieres their latest album. Traditional instruments such as the 古箏 (Chinese zither) and 笛子 (Chinese flute) feature alongside contemporary electronics, such as acoustic cello with electronic effects, as well as a jazz-pop influenced drummer and a North Indian-jazz influenced percussionist.

SAtheCollective is a non-profit, interdisciplinary and multicultural performing arts company based in Singapore but collaborating internationally with artists and festivals all over the world.

The collective’s multiple facets include performing and recording experimental music with electronic and traditional instruments, hosting regular jam and studio sessions with other artists and the public, and running a performing arts initiative for children aged eight years and under, immersing kids in a creative space where they can explore and play with sounds. Their Sydney Festival performance combines this immersive, live, boundary-pushing musical performance.

FYI this performance contains dynamic audio and lighting effects. Recommended for ages 12+



Trained in traditional Chinese orchestral music, SAtheCollective take age-old compositions to new, experimental and improvisational places.

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60 minutes

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