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Garry Stewart

Collision Course
Short Dance Films


Raffertys Theatre


19 August 2017

Event Type

Cinema Screening

To accompany our season of Australian Dance Theatre’s Be Your Self we are screening 3 short dance films including the main film Collision Course by Garry Stewart the Artistic Director of Australian Dance Theatre.

Collision Course is a project conceived, choreographed and co-directed by Garry Stewart (choreographer of Be Your Self) and produced and co-directed by Carmelo Musca. It involves a series of bodies colliding in mid-air captured in extreme slow motion at 1500 frames per second. Collision Course includes a cast of over 100 sportspeople and dancers trained in various different physical disciplines: martial artists, rugby players, gymnasts, athletes, wrestlers, capoeira dancers, breakers (breakdance), boxers, jive dances, contemporary dancers and many others. Collision Course is screened in art galleries as well as on the outside of public buildings and will now be screened here at Riverside Theatres.

Gaia is a film by dancer and choreographer Erin Fowler and film maker Nick Graalman. The team also worked closely with composer Chris Larkin. The film was publicly released in March 2014. Gaia began the film festival circuit in May 2014.

Pick Yourself up is from The Samaya Wives with Music – It rained the whole time by Shlomo (remixed by nicolas jaar).

The running schedule is;
Pick Yourself Up (5 m 47s)
Gaia (14m 50s)
Collision Course (33m)


Date & Time: Saturday 19 August at 6pm




Garry Stewart


Garry Stewart


Carmelo Musca


Claudia Alessi

Director of Photography

Torstein Dyrting, ACS


Nick Dunlop


Brendan Woithe


Ticket Options

Adult $15
Pensioner & Senior $12
Child Under 16 $10
Full time students $12
Transaction fees apply
Phone $4.60
Web $3.60
Counter $2.60
Screen $1.65
School Bookings $3.30


81 mins

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