Riverside Music

Spotlight on Holly Harrison

Next month, Sydney Symphony Orchestra and Spot On Children’s Festival will present Sorcerers and Wizards. This family concert will include the premiere of Jabberwock, a fun new work from Holly Harrison. Ahead of this we look at her influences and ...

Spotlight on Perry Keyes

Riverside Theatre's artist in residence, Perry Keyes is set to perform his new music theatre work The Soft Blue Sky. Ahead of this we take a look back on his life, music and achievements.

Spotlight on Mitchell Butel

A thousand dreams, a handful of loves, too many martinis and 24 hours packed into 80 minutes of song. Mitchell Butel returns to cabaret with tales from the jazz and blues songbooks, Killing Time, at Riverside 27 September. To celebrate, we take a ...

Fast Facts about Janis Joplin and her Hits

We step back in time to the 70s next month to pay homeage to the legacy of Janis Joplin, a captivating woman who stunned fans with her extraordinary performances. To celebrate, we have put together these fast facts about the star.

Spotlight on Yvonne Kenny

Yvonne Kenny is one of the most distinguished sopranos of her generation. Performing next month live with pianist and one of the finest artists in the world, Simon Tedeschi, we looked back at some of her greatest accomplishments.

Roger Woodward: The King of the Keys

One of the most revered and adventurous pianists of our time, Roger Woodward will perform a selection of his favourite works by Bach, Beethoven and Debussy next month at Riverside. Find out more about Roger's musical epiphany, childhood and musica...