National Theatre of Parramatta

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Vickifying the play

National Theatre of Parramatta continues to celebrate its inaugural season with its second production, Stolen, by Jane Harrison. This classic and important work will be brought to life in a bold, inspired and contemporary fashion on Riverside’s st...

National Theatre of Parramatta’s Inaugural Premiere

An auspicious moment for Parramatta and the performing arts, on Friday night we celebrated the inaugural premiere of National Theatre of Parramatta, with Swallow written by Olivier Award-winning playwright Stef Smith. The Australian premiere produ...

Diverse voices and gutsy women: stage set for
Parramatta audiences

New voices and strong stories in store for Western Sydney audiences as part of Riverside Theatres’ 2016 program. Megan Andreson from ArtsHub reports.

Riverside’s Annual Performance Season 2016 Announced

On 19 November, Riverside Theatre’s rolled out the red carpet and unveiled Season 2016! Our intern, Fallon-Christine Carrington talks about her highlights of our launch and the upcoming season.

National Theatre of Parramatta launches at Riverside

The future is bright for the arts in Parramatta with the launch of new Australian theatre company National Theatre of Parramatta at Riverside Theatres on 19 November. Kevin Nguyen from Parramatta Sun reports.

All I Want for Christmas…

Check out these great gift ideas! Our marketing manager Jonathan Llewellyn talks about the five things he’d want for Christmas and why.

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