The Rap Guide to Evolution

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Riverside in association with Merrigong Theatre Company

The Rap Guide to Evolution

Venue Lennox Theatre
Dates 24 June - 25 June 2014

Darwin’s Got It Going On!

A smash hit at the Edinburgh Festival, off Broadway and around the world, Canadian Baba Brinkman’s The Rap Guide to Evolution, complete with a live DJ and an extraordinary audio-visual show, is at once provocative, hilarious, intelligent and scientifically accurate.

In a novel species of theatre show, Brinkman combines the wit, poetry and charisma of a great rapper with the accuracy and rigour of a scientific expert. Using hip-hop as a vehicle to communicate the facts of evolution he simultaneously illuminates the origins and complexities of hip-hop culture through the lens of Darwinism. Through his clever re-workings of popular rap singles, as well as his own originals, he illustrates Natural Selection, Sexual Selection, Evolutionary Psychology and much more.

WARNING: Contains some sexual (though scientific) references and some strong language.


Learn the basic skills needed to begin writing theatrical or dramatic hip-hop verse, including an overview of the verse form, its rhyme and rhythm structures (using Shakespearian iambic pentameter as a point for comparison), and the range of mood, voice, and character that can be drawn from the tropes of hip-hop culture and channelled through its music.

Writer/Performer: Baba Brinkman
Music/Turntablism: Jamie Simmonds
Director: Dodd Loomis
Projection Design: Wendall K. Harrington
Lighting Design: Jason Boyd
Producer: Dovetail Productions and Sharon Levy
Australian tour produced by Merrigong Theatre Company


From the Education Coordinator…
The combination of science and hip-hop sounds odd, but it is actually a marriage made in heaven! Baba Brinkman takes the concepts of evolutionary science and ‘breaks it down’ in a way that will make your students (and even you) look at the history of humankind in a completely different light. Not JUST an excursion suitable for science students, but the social statements Brinkman makes (which he completely backs up with science), are the perfect tools for showing students the power of live performance to challenge perceptions and present a different aspect of the world we live in. Also, it’s a great example of the use of spoken word as text and the study of ‘rap’ as a text type or music genre. All the COOL teachers will be taking their students to see this show!

Dates & Times:
Tuesday 24 June – Performance 11:00am, Workshop 1:00pm
Wednesday 25 June – Performance 11:00am, Workshop 1:00pm

Performance and Workshop $25, Performance Only $20*
*Transaction fees may apply


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Please find a range of helpful teaching resources related to The Rap Guide to Evolution, below:

The Rap Guide to Evolution – Curriculum Links


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