The Merchant of Venice

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Bell Shakespeare

The Merchant of Venice

Dates 25 May - 03 June 2006

Following an unforgettable season of The Two Gentlemen of Verona in 2005, Bell Shakespeare returns to Riverside in 2006 with the premiere of The Merchant Of Venice.

Always a much-loved play, The Merchant of Venice combines fairytale romance with some of the tougher issues of today’s world – justice and mercy, racism and tolerance.

The Merchant of Venice has a host of diverse characters who compete for your attention, each more eccentric than the last: a handsome, impecunious young man in search of a wealthy wife; a melancholy rich merchant in love with the young man; three women who dress themselves as men; a mischievous clown; an exotic Moroccan; an absurd Spaniard and, best-known of all, the villain Shylock.

Directed by Anna Volska, Bell Shakespeare will once again assemble a talented and energetic cast for this entertaining and timeless production.

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