The Grief Parlour

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Clockfire Theatre Company

The Grief Parlour

Venue Raffertys Theatre
Dates 12 September - 21 September 2013

Clockfire Theatre’s The Grief Parlour  takes the audience on a surreal, fantastical journey in search of a single glittering moment of reunion after death. An eternal hope… to pass through a crack in the wall of life to find those lost in a place outside time – just for one second.

Clockfire Theatre create a world of elastic space and time, full of absurd imagery and brief moments of intimate connection, sitting just beyond the reach of the grim necessities of life faced with the loss of a loved one. The Grief Parlour is full of warmth, humour and a little bit of magic.  

Fresh from their 2012 Sydney Fringe award for Best Theatre Show for their production Lei Hideaway, Clockfire use text, sound and visual theatre inspired by the great French Lecoq tradition of physical theatre. The Grief Parlour is beautifully realized by an expert cast lead by Jo Turner, one of Australia’s finest directors of this magical form of theatre.

TEXT BY: Jessica Bellamy
SOUND BY: Ben Pierpoint
LIGHTING BY: Sara Swersky
PRODUCED BY: Clockfire Theatre Company
PERFORMED BY: Emily Ayoub, Roderic Byrnes, Anna Martin, Gareth Rickards, Kate Worsley

Clockfire works as a creative ensemble.


Clockfire Theatre are offering senior students, teachers and pre-service teachers the opportunity to participate in a workshop inspired by the Lecoq technique prior to the performance on Friday, 13 September. The workshop will take place from 4:30pm- 6:00pm and will be followed by the performance at 7:30pm.
Do the workshop and see the show for only $25*!
Advanced bookings essential by phone and counter only. No tickets avaliable for walk-ups.

Dates  & Times:
7:30pm,Thursday 12 September
7:30pm, Friday 13 September
7:30pm, Saturday 14 September
7:30pm, Wednesday 18 September
7:30pm, Thursday 19 September
7:30pm, Friday 20 September
2:15pm, Saturday 21 September
7:30pm, Saturday 21 September

Adult $27, Conc. $23, 3 Play Package $60, Workshop and Show $25*
*Transaction fees may apply

Kevin Jackson’s Theatre Diary 
The text by Ms Bellamy is deftly and succinctly brief in establishing the characters and the events, aided by wonderfully comic creations of character by the actors: Mr Byrnes, Ms Ayoub and Worsley, a delight…The soft quirky humour of the grief parlour is intertwined with the vivid and wondrous other space incorporating the journey of the ‘soul’.
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Stage Whispers
It is refreshing to see a piece of theatre that is so original, imaginative and so theatrically conceived – yet gets at the heart of something that is as emotional as grief.
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Eight Nights A Week
This poignantly humorous work melds different perspectives on loss and letting go.
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Weekend Notes
The cast provides humour, drama, light and shade, with one and all bringing their own unique talents to the stage. The story wouldn’t be half as stirring without the visual and sound effects that accompany the flawless acting on stage.
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Ticket Prices

Adult $27
Concession $23
3 Play Package $60
Workshop & Show $25

Transaction fees apply

Phone $4.60
Web $3.60
Counter $2.60
Screen $1.65
School Bookings $4.00