The Gielgud Memorandum

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Bob Ellis + Riverside

The Gielgud Memorandum

Venue Lennox Theatre
Dates 01 April - 02 April 2014

John Gielgud was the most famed Hamlet of the 1920s and for sixty years played, to world acclaim, the principal Shakespearian roles. A beloved gay eccentric workaholic, he acted, wrote, directed, produced and partied — and, famously, ‘dropped bricks’ — in most latitudes with the energy of twelve men.

In this amusing tribute to him Terry Clarke and Bob Ellis, who witnessed some of his greatest performances, explore his ‘old school’ approach to Shakespeare, and with Simon Burke, the formidable actor and singer, probe Shakespeare’s universal characterisations — of kings and peasants, soldiers, rogues and clowns, in a memorable evening of laughter, song and poetic tenderness, already praised for its impact on audiences of all ages.

Dates & Times:
7:30pm, Tuesday 1 April
7:30pm, Wednesday 2 April

All tickets $22*
*Transaction fees may apply

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All tickets $22

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