The Fence

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Sydney Festival

The Fence

Venue Riverside Theatre
Dates 13 January - 30 January 2010

Four friends have just finished dinner. Two are watching the footy, the others are in the kitchen cracking jokes. Their voices drift through the fading light as a shadow enters the backyard, sinks into a garden chair and drops a bag. She’s been gone a long time.

After sell-out seasons of Back Home (2006) and The Last Highway (2008), Australian theatre company Urban Theatre Projects returns to Sydney Festival with their newest creation, The Fence.

The Fence is an explosive story of love, belonging and dispossession. The performance takes place in a purpose-built family home in western Sydney. The story is of the resilience and wisdom of five middle-aged Australians, four of whom grew up in care as part of the Stolen Generations and Forgotten Australians.

Contains coarse language.

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