The Arte of Commedia Workshop

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Matriark Art Theatre

The Arte of Commedia Workshop

Venue Riverside Theatre
Dates 07 April - 10 April 2014

Bring Commedia dell’Arte to life for your students with this fantastic workshop brought to you by award winning “comedians”, Matriark Art Theatre.

Students will get to watch Commedia della Scorreggia, a classic story about one woman pursued by three men. This show introduces audiences to the classic stock characters of Commedia dell’Arte in a whirlwind of Italian Renaissance hilarity. Stick-fighting, song and dance, slapstick and mask work are just some of the things used to bring this ancient story to life. This short performance will be followed by a Q&A session, where students are given a brief overview of the history and significance of the art form.

The rest of the workshop will be focused on break off masterclasses where students will have a choice of learning how to play the servants, the masters or the lovers and will be taught some common lazzi (comic action) associated with them. Students will then be introduced to mask technique and prop handling as well as physical comedy, stage combat and structured improvisation. At the end of the workshop students will perform for their peers in short improvisations using all the skills they’ve learned.

The Arte of Commedia is led by Commedia expert Nicholas O’Regan. Nick recently returned from training and performing under legendary Commedia practitioner Antonio Fava in Italy. Our other tutors are just as skilled and all tour, teach and perform Commedia regularly around NSW. 

“Seeing the characters actually come to life was really helpful. It’s much better to see them than read about them”

“I felt inspired by the workshop so persue commedia further!”

Comments from students of Blaxland High School from the 2013 Workshops


Dates & Times:
11:00am, Monday 7 April
11:00am, Tuesday 8 April
11:00am, Wednesday 9 April
11:00am, Thursday 10 April

Student/Additional Teacher $23*
*Transaction fees may apply


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Please find a range of helpful teaching resources related to The Arte of Commedia Workshop, below:

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Student/Teacher $23

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