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plenty serious TALK TALK

Venue Lennox Theatre
Dates 30 August - 01 September 2018
Category Live Event


plenty serious TALK TALK

plenty serious TALK TALK is a new dance theatre work exploring the consultative process involved in indigenous art making. Vicki Van Hout (Director, Stolen, National Theatre of Parramatta) lays it bare for the audience to appreciate the full complexity of negotiating culture across disciplines, genres and eras.

plenty serious TALK TALK is intended to ignite dialogue, placing the artist in provocative situations, sometimes seemingly nonsensical. Through stomping country in thongs on concrete and expressing the complexity of kinship protocols through the machinations of rugby league competitions, to conducting spirit dances in busy urban thoroughfares.

Choreographer Vicki Van Hout is recognised for creating humorous narratives blended with an idiosyncratic indigenous movement language that celebrates and illuminates the sophistication of the world’s oldest living culture.


Thursday 30th August at 8pm
Friday 31 August at 10.30am and 8pm
Saturday 1 September at 8pm

Vicki van Hout is an Indigenous independent artist with over 20 years experience. A graduate of NAISDA Dance College and the Martha Graham School of Contemporary Dance (NY), she went on to perform with both major indigenous dance companies, Bangarra Dance Theatre and the Aboriginal Islander Dance Theatre before joining forces with Marilyn Miller as founding member of Fresh Dancers.

With Marilyn, Vicki Performed Dear Carrie for Oneextra Dance and Quinkin for the Adelaide Fringe Festival. She enjoyed a residency in Austria as a part of a greater contemporary indigenous contingent and was also awarded a WDA choreographic residency in Singapore in 2007.

Vicki is predominately inspired by indigenous social custom. From this initial premise Vicki seeks to find contemporary meaning through relevant mainstream social practices.

More recently Vicki has been interested in the integration of new media technologies. This has resulted in one Critical Path residency and a performative residency at Performance Space (Carriageworks), with funding from the Australia Council inter-arts board to test the application of ‘traditional’ painting techniques in a project with the ongoing working title of Briwyant.

“Van Hout assures me, that in its melding of dance, theatre and contemporary performance, the work will be accessible to a broad audience. Reflecting this blending of forms, the subject matter of the piece engages with questions of authenticity in a contemporary artistic landscape where collaboration ensures a multiplicity of influences.” BackYard Opera – Read More

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60 minutes

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Adult $35
Australian Pensioner & Senior $28
Child & Under $28
Full Time Student $28

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