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Sydney Theatre Company

Stuff All Happens

Venue Riverside Theatre
Dates 08 November - 12 November 2005

Riverside Theatres presents a Sydney Theatre Company production of STUFF ALL HAPPENS The Wharf Revue

The Wharf Revue team has been placed under arrest
without charge. In their one permitted phone call, they
ordered a family-sized Supreme and garlic
bread. Government sources have leaked a document
purporting to be a highlight of sketches from their
upcoming show, Stuff All Happens, which
premieres at Riverside Theatres on November 8.

Nothing and no one will be spared when the ever-popular Wharf Revue team returns to Riverside for just
six shows only. Sydney’s annual dose of razor
sharp satire is back for its sixth year, and fourth time
at Parramatta.

Stuff All Happens reunites Jonathan Biggins, Drew
Forsythe and Phillip Scott with Genevieve Lemon, who
made her debut with the group in Fast and
Loose last year. The show promises to be a laugh-a-minute, side-splitting take on current Australian politics
and life. Newsmakers across the country will again be
ducking for cover when the Wharf Revue turns its
cutting gaze their way. As always, there will be a
hysterically funny musical segment to finish.

Highlights of Stuff All Happens include:

– The Damnation of Ruddock – a newly discovered play by Julius Marlowe telling the timely tale of a man who sells his soul, but for what?

– Australia’s favourite Democrats, Alan and Grant, go back to the streets for some direct action

– Walt Disney, from Dunedin NZ, briefs us on his new evacuation plan in the event of a terrorist attack

– Moderately successful amateur tenors Roger and
Bevan preview a new modern opera about the ALP in
the wake of Mark Latham’s thoughtful and
measured critique

– Sol Trujillo and his Three Amigos – Mexican madness
with the loco telcos

The show also features a galaxy of guests: Gardening
Australia’s Peter Cundle; Peter Costello in Abbott and
Costello Meet the Wolf Man; Alexander Downer
(Alexander) and Amanda Vanstone (The Biggest Loser).
Don’t hesitate to book now, as The Wharf Revue is
always a sell out.

“A nimble skewering of current affairs and public figures carried out with infectious relish”
The Sydney Morning Herald

“Spot-on satire…sharp, funny, fast, rude and bulls-eye hits…” The Sun-Herald

With Jonathan Biggins, Drew Forsythe, Phillip Scott & Genevieve Lemon

Director Jonathan Biggins

This event occurred on 8th November – 12th November 2005

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