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Queer Thinking at Riverside

Dates 18 February 2012

2.15pm – Mass Debate
Six panellists from diverse cross-sections dicsuss some of the hot topics relating to the LGBTQI communities presenting both for and against. Covering three main topics about youth, identity, Western Sydney, law reform and relevance, audience-raised topics will also be wrestled in a thought-provoking and challenging mass debate.

3.30pm – Jeffrey Weeks
In this very special Queer Thinking at Riverside event, distinguished British sociologist, Jeffrey Weeks, speaks about ‘The World We Have Won’, the theme of one of his latest books. Weeks is the author of several books relating to sexuality and politics, includingSexuality and its DiscontentsSex, Politics and Society and Coming Out. He is among the academics in the early period of gay men’s studies in Britain that emerged from the Gay Liberation Front (GLF), which he joined in 1970, and the Gay Left, of which he was a founding member. The Session will be chaired by Lex Watson, President of the Pride History Group.

Dates & Times:
2.15pm, Saturday 18 February 2012

Adult $10*
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