President Wilson in Paris

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Christine Harris & HIT Productions

President Wilson in Paris

Venue Riverside Theatre
Dates 07 October - 11 October 2005

Darkly comic and constantly surprising, this thriller will
keep you on the edge of your seat. Inspired by the
master of suspense Alfred Hitchcock, powers of
deduction are constantly tested as the audience is lured into a world of humour, deception, intrigue and surprise.

The play is set during the politically and socially
significant peace conference in 1919 in which the
revolutionary statesman Woodrow Wilson introduced
his idea for the League of Nations. However, as the
action moves between Paris and Sydney, past and
present, all is not as it seems.

Ron Blair has written an enthralling play based on
Hitchcock’s philosophy: “you keep the audience as
far away as possible from what’s actually going to happen”.

In the tradition of all great mysteries this is compelling
and totally fascinating theatre.

With Henri Szeps, Deborah Kennedy
& Henry Nixon

Director Jennifer Hagan
Producer Christine Harris
Set Designer Jamie Clennet
Lighting Designer Michele Preshaw

This event occurred on 7th October – 11th October 2005

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