Premiere – Dual City

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Screen My Shorts Inc presents SciFi Film Festival

Premiere – Dual City

Venue Riverside Theatre
Dates 31 October 2015

Dual City
Japan I 2015 I 94 minutes I Australian Premiere

In 2034, Japan is divided into North and South. Yoriko is a nurse living in the north, who lost her daughter due to the northern war. One night, she gets abducted by guerrilla terrorists and learns that her daughter is still alive in a form of “information life”: collective memories of the dead souls. Yoriko gets involved with the hacker resistance to meet her daughter again, in exchange of carrying a mysterious dead body from North to South. Through working with the resistance, her unquestionable will leads her to witness the conspiracy between the government and the Nephes enterprise.

Screens with Short Film…

The Alpha Invention
United Kingdom I 15 minutes

After applying an ingenious method to create artificial intelligence, a programmer is contacted one rainy evening by a shady man looking to buy the technology. However, as the call progresses it becomes clear that neither person is who they claim to be.

Feature and Short Film Classification: PG

Dates & Times:
Saturday 31 October 11:30am

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Dual City

The Alpha Invention

Dual City

Director – Yokna Hasegawa
Writers – Yokna Hasegawa, Tomohiro Hara
Producers – Tomohiro Hara

Key Cast
Aki Morita Yoriko Motegi
Tomomi Mabuchi Ayumi Takagi
Keigo Tani Gou Kurata
Tatsuya Ueda Takao
Norma Aratani Monroe
Chieko Misaka Jun
Ryubun Saitou Vones

The Alpha Invention

Director/ Writer – Mark Towers
Producer/ Director of Photography – Michael Spry

Cast –
Billy Boyd (Lord of the Rings)
William Hope


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Feature: Approximately 94 minutes
Short: Approximately 15 minutes

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Child Under 16 $5
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