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Lennox Theatre


8 June - 9 June 2018

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Live Event

Riverside presents Jodee Mundy Collaborations

It was only when Jodee was five years old and lost at Kmart that she realised her whole family were Deaf.

Part performance, part multimedia and live art, Jodee Mundy’s ground-breaking solo performance explores her personal experience as the only hearing person in a Deaf family.

Portrayed through the eyes of a child, Jodee does not see any ‘disability’; only the love and protection of her family. Despite this, she often witnessed a bittersweet ignorance from many towards her family.

Innovatively presented in the form of two languages, Jodee simultaneously translates herself using English and Auslan through the use of a virtual interpreter and captioning.

A deeply touching story, Personal explores dis/ability and how we perceive one another. It ultimately breaks down barriers and creates a greater understanding of signed and spoken language by highlighting how humans can communicate in multiple ways.

Please note: This production is accessible to Deaf and hearing impaired, as well as hearing audiences. It contains some adult themes and strong language.

Friday 8 June at 11am (also available to GP – note you will be seated around the school groups)

Friday 8 June at 7:30pm
Saturday 9 June at 2:15pm (Audio Described) & 7:30pm

Photo by Theresa Harrison

Artistic Director and Performer Jodee Mundy Creative Team Jen Hector Madeleine Flynn Tim Humphrey Rhian Hinkley Sandra Fiona Long Jo Dunbar Merophie Carr

Suitable for Years 7 – 12

FROM THE PROGRAM COORDINATOR This is a rare gem of a production, highlighting what it’s like to suddenly realise you have been living in two worlds across two cultures. As a biographical one-woman show, students will benefit from seeing how this true story is presented, as well as the production values used by a solo performer to capture an audience. It brings in another level of inclusion, incorporating Auslan into the performance itself. On top of that, the show incorporates multiple themes including family, Deaf culture, society, discrimination, acceptance, celebration and understanding. If ever there was a show that has opportunities for cross-curricular learning, this is it. CURRICULUM LINKS Download the Curriculum Links here: Personal Curriculum Links SCHOOLS BOOKINGS Download information on how to book here: How to Book Download Riverside’s Risk Assessment here: 2018 Risk Assessment ACCESS Download information about access at Riverside here: Access at Riverside

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60 minutes (No interval plus 20 minute Q&A for 11am performance)

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