Pancha Nadai

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Pancha Nadai

Venue Online
Dates 20 September 2020
Category Digital Screening

Riverside Theatres Digital
by Lingalayam

“…one of Australia’s cultural treasures.” – Diana Simmonds, The Sunday Telegraph

Pancha (meaning five) and Nadais (meaning rhythmic syllables)

Australian dance company Lingalayam presents a selection of items conceived on the Pancha Nadais, directed by legendary guru – dancer, choreographer, and teacher – Anandavalli.

In the tradition of classical Indian music and dance of South India, the five basic rhythmical sequences in the beats of three (tisram), four (chatusram), five (khandam), seven (misram) and nine (sankeernam) are the basic principles in formulating a rhythmical configuration.

These set beat patterns, referred to as the pancha nadais within a given cycle of rhythm, are used to create countless combinations of rhythmical configurations.

Presenting four pieces based on the Pancha Nadais – from the traditional form to the contemporary.

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Photo By Filigree Films

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Filmed at Riverside Theatres and streaming into your home. This concert will be available once only on YouTube. This concert is a digital streaming experience, and will not be available to view online after the event.

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Strongly emotive and visually compelling, Lingalayam’s creative body of work incorporates dance, live-music, text and design, and is created and performed by artists of world-class standing. The Lingalayam repertoire draws from the ancient dance forms of Bharatha Natyam and Kuchipudi, and is directed by legendary guru – dancer, choreographer, and teacher – Anandavalli.

Lingalayam is an Australian arts organisation, whose focus is the nurturing and strengthening of the appreciation and knowledge of Indian culture, through art works of traditional genesis, presented in the context of our contemporary society’s cultural tapestry.

As a central focus, the work of Anandavalli and the artists of Lingalayam, express the unique role of women and dance in ancient India. These feminine themes are explored through vibrant Indian mythology, to unveil both the universal and specific strengths of women. This is named and celebrated as Shakthi and is a vital basis for the content of many of Lingalayam’s creative works.

Over the years, Lingalayam has been fortunate to collaborate with artists of international repute. These experiences have enhanced the artistic practise within the company while expanding their horizons.

The cultivation of art work that promotes cultural understanding, brokerage and appreciation, is critical to the well-being of our societal health. The embrace of dynamic cultural practices is one of the greatest strengths of any nation, and Lingalayam is very proud of its contribution and its position in the Australian cultural landscape.

Pancha Nadai

Australian dance company Lingalayam presents a selection of items conceived on the Pancha Nadais, directed by legendary guru – dancer, choreographer, and teacher – Anandavalli. Join our Facebook event and invite your friends along as well.

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