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Lennox Theatre


6 March - 7 March 2018

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Live Event

Riverside presents
A Riverside Presentation and Project by Big hArt
Playreading and Documentary Screening

Albert Namatjira was Australia’s most iconic Aboriginal watercolour artist and the first to achieve commercial success, but his story is hardly known. Spend a day at Riverside comparing texts with our Namatjira playreading and documentary screening. This unique opportunity to further explore the play and the man will prove invaluable for your students.

Written by Scott Rankin in consultation with the Namatjira family

The moving story of Albert Namatjira (1902 – 1959) resonates today as strongly as it did 50 years ago, providing a lens through which we can see the relationship between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal Australians past and present.

Directed by Lex Marinos and featuring a cast of professional actors this rehearsed playreading celebrates the legacy of one of Australia’s best loved artists.

Directed by Sera Davies and created with the Namatjira family

Almost 60 years after Namatjira’s death his family are seeking to regain copyright of his works. Together with the Namatjira family and art and social justice organisation Big hART, filmmaker Sera Davies takes you on a journey from the sun-blasted deserts of their Aranda homeland to the lavish opulence of Buckingham Place.

An extraordinary firsthand account of the international battle to reclaim the artwork and heritage of Albert Namatjira.

Daytime sessions of the documentary feature a post-screening Q&A with Sophia Marinos (Big hART Producer).

Classification: M – Occasional coarse language

Dates & Times:

Tuesday 6 March at 10am
Wednesday 7 March at 10am & 6pm

Tuesday 6 March at 1pm (Includes Q&A)
Wednesday 7 March at 1pm (Includes Q&A) & 8:30pm

Photo by Pastor SO Gross/ Courtesy Strehlow Research Centre

Suitable for Years 10 – 12


As a current curriculum text for English that remains on the prescriptions for 2019 onwards, we thought this rarely done production needed to be given a new life beyond the page. The timing was brilliant, being that a documentary on Namatjira has just been released, made in conjunction with BIGhART, the producers of the original theatre production. This combination will give students an excellent context for studying this play.


Download the Curriculum Links here: Namatjira Playreading Curriculum Links


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For teacher resources relating to the documentary visit including the ATOM Guide

Ticket Options

Playreading and Documentary Package (Student/Teacher) $35
Playreading Only (Student/Teacher) $26
Documentary Only (Student/Teacher) $12
Playreading Only (All tickets) $26
Documentary Only (Members Adult) $12
Documentary Only (Members Concession) $9
Documentary Only (Adult) $15
Documentary Only (Concession) $12
Documentary Only (F/T Student) $12
Documentary Only (Child Under 16) $10
Transaction fees apply
Phone $4.60
Web $3.60
Counter $2.60
Screen $1.65
School Bookings $3.30

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Show dates


Playreading: 2 hours (Including interval plus 20 minute Q&A);
Documentary: 1 hour 27 minutes (No interval. Daytime sessions include a post-screening Q&A)

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