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Big Laugh Comedy Festival and Melbourne International Comedy Festival

Kickstart Class Clowns

Dates 01 April - 09 April 2006

Kick Start is the Big Laugh’s search for young Sydney Comedy stars, which started in 2005. Our winner last year was the brilliant Tobey Duncan. He went on to be equal first in the national Grand Final of Class Clowns in Melbourne.

Concluding with a Gala Final at Riverside Theatres, Sydney’s class clowns for 2006 will present slapstick, satire, stand up, sketches and even some silly songs. The acts in the Gala have been helped along the way by professional comics and writers in workshops and there have been heats in schools and other venues around NSW leading up to the final.

They are competing for a trip to represent NSW in the National Final of Class Clowns in Melbourne during the Melbourne International Comedy Festival.

Do you have a clown in your high school class? That student who has every classroom in stitches, and every teacher pulling their hair out? Do you wish those students would spend more time clowning around outside the classroom? Suggest they enter the Kickstart Class Clowns Comedy Competition for 2006. The competition is open to students from years 9-12 to display their forte for funnies.

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