Half Life: A Parable for the Nuclear Age

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The Power of the Documentary

Half Life: A Parable for the Nuclear Age

Venue Raffertys Theatre
Dates 06 December 2018
Category Cinema Screening

Includes a special introduction from the sound editor of the film, Ruth Cullen. 

Half Life is a meticulously crafted film that builds up slowly and quietly.

Australian documentary film-maker Dennis O’Rourke examines the human consequences of the United States exploding a hydrogen bomb on Bikini Atoll, in the Marshall Islands, 2,000 miles south-west of Hawaii, in 1954. The film features interviews with residents of the nearby Rongelap and Utirik Atolls who were affected by nuclear fallout from the tests. Unlike in previous nuclear tests and despite the considerably more powerful nuclear explosion involved, these residents were not relocated to a safer location.

Date & Time: Thursday 6 December at 8:30pm
Classification: TBC
Year: 1986

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Presented in partnership with

Writer/Producer/Director/Photography: Dennis O’Rourke
Production Company: O’Rourke & Associates Filmmakers
Associate Producers: Martin Cohen, Laurence J Henderson, David Thaxton
Film Editor: Tim Litchfield
Archival Film Research: David Thaxton, Kevin Green
Sound: Martin Cohen, Gary Kildea
Music: Bob Brozman

Download the show notes for Half Life: A Parable for the Nuclear Age

Half Life: A Parable for the Nuclear Age Film Notes

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