Elements Community Celebration

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Sydney Sacred Music Festival and Riverside Theatres

Elements Community Celebration

Venue Courtyard
Dates 06 September 2014

An afternoon celebrating the sacred in the everyday through words, music, art, food and ritual. Inspired by the elements – earth, air, water and fire – participate in a tea ceremony, listen to poetry, taste traditional Afghan food, enjoy powerful choir voices and experience the strength of martial arts.


12.00pm to 12.45pm – Afghan lunch with Dambora performance by Nadir Hazaragi. Cost: $18 lunch or $40 lunch and cookbook. Bookings essential.
12.50pm – Afghan poetry by Auburn’s Farzana Hekmat.
1.00pm – ‘Unity in Music’ performance. A showcase of musical talent in exile.
1.10pm – Dutar performance by celebrated Uyghur musician Shorhat Tursun.
1.25pm – Poetry reading by Jamal Alhallaq
1.35pm – Performance by the Fijian Choir from Parramatta’s Leigh Memorial Church
1:50pm – Reading and flute by Parramatta-based Iraqi poet Fadeel Kayat and his daughter Zeinab.
2pm to 3pm – Tea meditation with Ling Halbert. Free, bookings essential.
2:50pm – Sufi chanting by the Lakemba-based Sudanese group Bashair.

Clay Art Workshop, 12pm to 3pm
Participate in a clay hand-building art workshop for families. Led by Clay Cliff Creek Studios, drop in anytime and make your own ceramic artwork. Free. No bookings required.

Ceramic Plate Display, 12pm to 3pm
Display of beautiful ceramic plates created by the Auburn community. Made with the Auburn Community Development Network and Parramatta’s Clay Cliff Creek Studio.

Afghan Textiles Display, 12pm to 3pm
Display of traditional Afghan textiles and embroidery by Farzana Hekmat.

Vasanth Rao Art Exhibition, 12pm to 3pm
Colourful and graphic banner artwork by Parramatta-based Indian artist Vasanth Rao.

Elemental Garden Display, 12pm to 3pm
Smell, touch and explore a plant display inspired by the elements featuring Parramatta’s community gardeners.

Flavours of Afghan Cooking, 12pm to 3pm
A new cookbook featuring nutritious and ancient recipes that reflect the courageous spirit of the Afghan community living in Western Sydney. Available for purchase throughout the day.

Presented by Riverside Theatres and Parramatta Artists Studios for the 2014 Sydney Sacred Music Festival. Thanks to AAHYA, ACDN, Clay Cliff Creek Studios, Shaolin Monk Boxing, Leigh Memorial Church and the local community gardens.

Dates & Times:
Saturday 6 September 12pm – 3pm

Tea Meditation with Ling Halbert

Join us for a Buddhist tea ceremony with local artist and teacher Ling Halbert. Ling will guide you through the rituals of tea meditation, empowering participants to share moments of mindfulness through tea drinking. Tea sets and drinking tea provided. Bookings essential.

About Ling Halbert
Ling Halbert was born in Laos, and has been in Australia for over 25 years. Ling shares her knowledge through engaging talks, demonstrations and workshops including tea meditation, Tai Chi, vegetarian cooking and horticulture. Ling speaks from the heart with a clear bright spirit of empowerment and a “can do” vision of making a difference.

Dates & Times:
Saturday 6 September, 2pm – 3pm


To book for the Tea Ceremony please call 02-8839 3399

Flavours of Afghan Lunch

Join us for a tasty lunch of Afghani food featuring nutritious and ancient recipes. Enjoy a selection of traditional dishes including boulani (flat bread), mantu (minced-meat steamed dumpling), sheer chai (spicy salted green tea) and many other delicious treats. During this sit-down lunch, community representatives from the Australian Afghan Hassanian Youth Association will share their food knowledge.

Also available on the day is the new cookbook ‘Flavours of Afghan Cooking’, with recipes by Aqellah Hasani that reflect the courageous spirit of the Afghan community living in Western Sydney. The book is a project of the Australian Afghan Hassanian Youth Association with support from Auburn City Council.

Dates & Times:
Saturday 6 September, 12pm – 12:45pm

$18 lunch including refreshments
$30 cookbook
$40 lunch and cookbook deal

To book for the Flavours of Afgan Lunch please call 02-8839 3399


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Ticket Prices

Lunch $18
Cookbook $30
Lunch + Cookbook $40

Transaction fees apply

Phone $4.60
Web $3.60
Counter $2.60
Screen $1.65
School Bookings $4.00