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Community Development

Dates 01 February - 07 December 2012

Beyond the Square is about developing a sense of community. A place where people feel they belong and have a say. It is about opening up new social networks for people with a disability to interact with people with & without a disability through performance workshops & arts based events.

Beyond ABBA (formerly known as WAPD)
Innovation. Expression. Creativity. Empowerment.

Can you sing along to ABBA? Wave fabric? Make a macaroni necklace? Yes? Well, good work! But let’s see what else is out there… is there life beyond ABBA?

Beyond ABBA is Riverside’s ongoing workshop program that aims to challenge the predictable arts meal that is served up to people with a disability and instead provides an alternative diet of creativity, self expression & innovation.

Working alongside professional arts workers people with a disability can participate a drama and movement workshop program designed to build self confidence, promote wellbeing, increase skills in performing & self expression.

Each workshop aims to:

– Embrace what each person can contribute as an individual be it as small as a smile or as large as reciting all the lines from an episode of Home & Away.
– Allow for the unique expression of each individual to influence the session and flourish in a supportive, positive and respectful setting.
– Open up the possibility of choice and decision making to give a greater sense of ownership over the workshop for participants
– Respect all ideas & contributions.

2012 dates

Term 1 Wednesday February 1 – Friday March 28 (9 weeks)
Term 2 Wednesday April 25 – Friday June 29 (10 weeks)
Term 3 Wednesday July 18 – Friday September 21 (10 weeks)
Term 4 Wednesday October 10 – Friday December 7 (9 weeks)

Performance date: Wednesday November 21.

Morning session 10-11:30am
Afternoon session 12-1:30pm

Morning session 10:11:30am
Afternoon session 12-1:30pm

Morning session 10-11:30am
Afternoon session 12-1:30pm

Upon the completion of Term 4 there will be a daytime showing of the work on Wednesday November 21. Following this there will be a free BBQ lunch & entertainment in Riverside’s courtyard. All invited.

Further enquiries contact Alison RIchardson on 8839 3359 or email

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