Burn All The Books That Call You The Unknown

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Burn All The Books That Call You The Unknown

Venue Raffertys Theatre
Dates 13 March - 14 March 2020
Category Live Event

Parramatta Artists’ Studios presents
by artist Fadescha

Staged at Parramatta’s Riverside Theatres, the installation recreates the theatrics of the dancefloor. Hear a soundscape made from an archive of field recordings from forests, water bodies and landscape in India, documented over 8 years.  Experience a video work featuring different artists and organisers which proposes that, the appearance of collectivity for a moment on the dancefloor, is actually informed by how we as individuals embody our histories, violence, vulnerabilities and aspirations, through our physical movements.

We do not live single-issue lives. A tendency to assimilate people into easily defined categories suggests that we do. Burn All The Books That Call You The Unknown makes space for plurality of identities and enacts a moment for self-representation and personal agency.

On Saturday 14 March from 3pm to 8pm, the exhibition will be activated by a series of performances, screenings and talks by participants from India and Australia, curated by Fadescha.

Fadescha, based in New Delhi, is an artist-curator working across arts and cultural disciplines. They focus on collaborations, collectives and experiences as a norm-critical pedagogy to Queer hegemonies.


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