Brandenburg Kids – <br>The Bremen Bunch

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Brandenburg Kids –
The Bremen Bunch

Venue Riverside Theatre
Dates 04 November 2019
Category Live Event

Riverside presents Australian Brandenburg Orchestra

Spark the imaginations of the little people in your world by introducing them to the vibrant world of Baroque music with this interactive concert.

Led by an actor/comedian, children aged 4 – 12 are invited to retell the classic Grimm brothers fairy tale The Bremen Town Musicians, whilst an actor of Brandenburg musicians brings the story to life with the magic of music.

Also available for school groups, this enchanting musical experience will inspire students in their creative storytelling. And if the school won’t take them, take them out of school!

Suitable for: Ages 4 – 12 and their families

Photo by Steven Godbee

Brandenburg Kids – The Bremen Bunch
An adaptation of the Four musicians of Bremen
Creative concept, direction and arrangements by Christina Leonard
Words by Maryam Master
Narrated by Michael Cullen

Corelli – Op. 6 No.2
Bach – Cello Suite No. 1 (Prelude)
Telemann – Fantasie No. 1
Bach Partita – No.3 (Prelude)
Dragonetti – Waltz No. 7
Druschetsky – Quartet No.4 in G minor (Adagio)
Axton, Durden, Presley – Heartbreak Hotel
Purcell – When I am laid in earth
Barsanti – Pinkie House
Bach – Partita No.2 (Chaconne)
Bach – St John Passion (Opening)
Vivaldi – La Folia
Lully – Miserere
Bach – Toccata and Fugue
Corelli – Op6. No.8 (Allegro)
Dall ‘ Abaco – Op.6 No.12 (Allegro)

The idea to develop a kids show using Baroque music steamed from hours of travelling in the car with my children. To alleviate boredom (and or squabbling) I would turn Classic FM on and tell them a story, improvising an array of adventures around the music that was presented.

Baroque music with, its easily identifiable moods, lent itself to the quick and effective portrayal of characters or situations and the telling of a story. Who can think of anything other than evil villains when one hears the opening of the Bach Toccata and Fugue for example!

The story of the Four Musicians of Bremen by the Grimm’s brothers presented the scope to create a show incorporating madcap kids gags, and kooky characters (including an old crooner donkey, an ex-champion of the Highland Games Scottish dog, an Eastern Suburbs botox-ed cat and a Shakespearean Rooster ) with the innate humour of their juxtaposition with Baroque music.

The music that I have chosen to weave through this story is in short excerpts (not more than about 2:00 mins and mostly less) and is really prescriptive in the mood of the character or scene that it is supporting. Granted there are more than a few moments of tongue in cheek (a whining cat as illustrated by the opening of the Bach Partita No. 2 Chaconne, and the dog bemoaning her fate in song… “Fido’s lament” aka Purcell’s Dido’s Lament) There’s also plenty of silliness, crazy percussion hijinks and heightened audience interaction involving body percussion, and panto style encouragement to yell out, paced so there is never too much time to sit still.

I really enjoyed putting the show together and re-contextualising some wonderful spirited and soulful Baroque music for our younger friends.


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Brandenburg Kids The Bremen Bunch

Invite your friends and family to share in this interactive concert.

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60 minutes (No interval)

Ticket Prices

Concession $22
30 Club $22
Child 18 & Under $18
Family of 4 $76

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Family of 4 $84

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