Boy Meets Girl

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Queer Screen - Best of MGFF

Boy Meets Girl

Venue Raffertys Theatre
Dates 28 March 2015

This film is like no other boy-meets-girl story you’ve seen before. This multi award-winning, poignant and incredibly sex-positive rom-com set in rural Kentucky, tells the story of Ricky, a transgender woman (featuring an excellent performance by trans actress Michelle Hendley), Robby, her best friend since childhood, and newcomer to town, the seemingly conservative Francesca.

When Francesca, who is engaged to a Marine stationed overseas, randomly meets Ricky, they quickly form a friendship. Much to theirs and Robby’s surprise, this friendship leads to flirtation, attraction and a blossoming romance. Things take a turn when Francesca’s fiancé returns home and Robby faces up to his true feelings for his best friend Ricky.

Winner of 7 best film and 3 audience awards at various LGBTIQ Film Festivals throughout the world, this a story that transcends gender and sexuality and gets to the heart of what it’s like to feel accepted by the world and most importantly yourself. An absolute gem of a film, this is a very rare cinema story and a clear festival highlight – don’t miss it.

One of the most important romance films of the last 20 years. The lead actress, Michelle Hendley, is a force to be reckoned with.” – Smug Film

Schaeffer’s film is infinitely more thoughtful than most (all) other films in the genre.” – Smells Like Screen Spirit

“Sweet, funny… sassy and affecting.” – Edge Boston

Classification: 15+

Dates & Times:
Saturday 28 March 6pm


Michael Galante
Michelle Hendley
Jean Devereux Koester

Eric Schaeffer

Winner Best Feature Film and Best Actor, Iris Prize | Winner Best Narrative Feature, Best Actor, Best Actress, FilmOut Festival Award San Diego | Winner Best Film Memphis LGBT Film Festival

Company Credits:
Production Company – Cinephile International Pictures, Red Razor Films

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Approximately 95 minutes

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