See in Me

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Beyond the Square + Riverside

See in Me

Venue Lennox Theatre
Dates 14 February - 16 February 2013

A 3 Stage Multimedia Performance Project

How can someone disappear like they never existed? How can someone lay dead in a Surry Hills terrace for 8 years before being found? We reassure ourselves saying it will never happen to us but how can we be so sure that we too won’t fall between the cracks?

Over 18 months Beyond the Square’s Ruckus Ensemble have been exploring through text, movement and video what it is to be invisible, isolated and alone. We invite you to view the result, a new devised theatre work, See In Me.

Alongside See In Me will also be the launch of a series of online video stories created by participants through video and storytelling workshops held in partnership with Information & Cultural Exchange. They are deeply personal in nature exploring themes of invisibility.

Dates & Times:
12:00pm, Thursday 14 February 2013
7:00pm, Thursday 14 February 2013
12:00pm, Friday 15 February 2013
7:00pm, Friday 15 February 2013 – AUSLAN INTERPRETED
7:00pm, Saturday 16 February 2013

Evening Performances – Adult $30, Concession $25*
Matinee Performances – Adult $25, Concession $15*
*Transaction fees apply



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Ticket Prices

Adult (Evening) $30
Conc. (Evening) $25
Adult (Matinee) $25
Conc. (Matinee) $20

Transaction fees apply

Phone $4.60
Web $3.60
Counter $2.60
Screen $1.65
School Bookings $4.00