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All About Women 2019 Satellite


Raffertys Theatre


10 March 2019

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Cinema Screening

Sydney Opera House and Riverside present

You don’t need to be at the Sydney Opera House on 10 March to experience the main stage action of All About Women.

We’re excited to be streaming two headline sessions and an exclusive backstage Q&A, live from the preeminent festival on gender at the Sydney Opera House. After, join us for a live panel discussion with some special guests.

All About Women features emerging new voices from around the world speaking to future directions in feminism.


Sunday 10 March 2019

1:15pm – 2:15pm
#metoo, Year Two – Sohaila Abdulali, Emily Steel and Tina Tchen (Auslan Interpreted)

2.30pm – 3:00pm
An exclusive backstage interview with Emily Steel, chaired by Edwina Throsby, Head of Talks and Ideas at the Sydney Opera House

3:00pm – 4:00pm
Feminism in the Arab World – Aya Chebbi, Randa Abdel Fattah, and Dima Matta  (Auslan Interpreted)

4:00pm – 5:00pm
Live panel discussion (Details announced soon)

These events will be Auslan Interpreted

Members: Free, bookings essential
Non-Members: $10 (A ticket gives you access to all three sessions)

Emily Steel, Sohaila Abdulali, and more

A decade since the Me Too campaign began, and a year since #metoo rocked the entertainment industry, there has been a clear cultural shift. Across industries, women who were preyed upon, exploited and harassed have spoken out and sought justice, and the movement has gone global.

But it hasn’t all happened smoothly. Louis CK returned to the comedy stage. The Senate confirmed Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court. Now that accountability frameworks have been put in place, are the structures of justice and legal systems changing? Have we seen a fundamental shift in the way power functions, or is it temporary and superficial? How is #metoo playing out in different countries and cultures?

In this essential panel, we’ll be exploring how the movement must evolve to represent women worldwide, and to create long-lasting cultural and political change.

Exploding Myths and Assumptions
Sara Saleh

In a global feminist movement, our understanding of women’s rights needs to go far beyond the English-speaking world.

Arab women are so often pigeonholed, orientalised and ‘othered’ in Western discussions about feminism. But the reality is there are strong feminist and LGBTQI movements across the Arab world. This panel, co-curated by artist, poet and activist Sara Saleh, challenges the assumptions so frequently made by Westerners, that Arab women are subjugated and oppressed, by giving space for some of the loudest activist voices across the middle east.

This session will demonstrate that discussions about women in the Arab world can go much deeper than “why do you wear hijab?”, and explore the issues and concerns, both political and personal, for Arab women and LGBTQI people.


Stay tuned – Panel and details announced soon!


Emily Steel
Emily Steel is a business journalist who has covered the media industry for The New York Times since 2014. Ms. Steel’s reporting at The Times uncovered a series of settlements totalling $45 million related to sexual harassment allegations against Bill O’Reilly, the former Fox News host. The reporting laid the foundation for an international reckoning over issues of sexual misconduct. Along with a team of reporters who exposed sexual harassment and misconduct across industries, she was awarded a Pulitzer Prize for public service in 2018.

Sohaila Abdulali
Sohaila Abdulali was born in Mumbai, India. After college, Sohaila coordinated the Boston Area Rape Crisis Center for two years, and she has worked as a journalist in Philadelphia, Boston and Bombay. In 1998, her best-selling novel, The Madwoman of Jogare, was published. Her January 2013 op-ed in the New York Times broke readership records. A public speaker, guest lecturer and adjunct professor, her work of non-fiction, What We Talk About When We Talk About Rape, was published in 2018.

Tina Tchen
Tina Tchen, a partner at Buckley Sandler and leader of its Workplace Cultural Compliance Practice, counsels companies on issues related to gender inequity, sexual harassment, and lack of diversity in the workplace. A leading voice in the national conversation on these issues, Tina has been instrumental in spearheading the Time’s Up movement’s Legal Defense Fund. She was previously an Assistant to President Obama, Chief of Staff to First Lady Michelle Obama, and Executive Director for the Council on Women and Girls.

Lenore Taylor
Lenore Taylor is Guardian Australia’s editor. She has won two Walkley awards and has twice won the Paul Lyneham award for excellence in press gallery journalism. She co-authored a book, Shitstorm, on the Rudd government’s response to the global economic crisis.


Sara Saleh
Sara Saleh is an award-winning Arab-Australian poet, human rights activist and long time campaigner for refugee rights and racial justice. She has worked for Amnesty International and CARE International in Australia and the Middle East, in Palestine, Lebanon, Jordan, and on the Syrian border.

Sara is currently co-curating the upcoming anthology, Growing Up Arab in Australia (Picador 2019). As the recipient of the first Affirm Press Mentorship for Sweatshop Writers 2018, Sara is developing her debut fiction novel. Sara is a proud Bankstown Poetry Slam ‘Slambassador’. She also sits on the board of national advocacy organisation GetUp!.

Aya Chebbi
Aya Chebbi is an award-winning Pan-African feminist. She is the first African Union Youth Envoy  and the youngest diplomat at the African Union Commission Chairperson’s Cabinet. She is the founder of multiple platforms such as Youth Programme of Holistic Empowerment Mentoring (Y-PHEM) coaching the next generation to be positive change agents, Afrika Youth Movement (AYM), one of Africa’s largest Pan-African youth-led movements and Afresist, a youth leadership program and multimedia platform documenting youth work in Africa. She served on the Board of Directors of CIVICUS World Alliance for Citizen Participation, the World Refugee Council and Oxfam Independent Commission on Sexual Misconduct.

Randa Abdel-Fattah
Randa Abdel-Fattah is the award-winning author of 11 novels and is published in over 15 countries. She has worked as a lawyer, human rights advocate and community volunteer with different human rights and migrant and refugee resource organisations. She has a PhD in Sociology and is a researcher on Islamophobia, racism and everyday multiculturalism in Australia. Randa is currently working on the feature film adaptation of Does My Head Look Big In This? In 2017 her novel Where the Streets Had A Name was adapted to the stage by Australia’s leading children’s theatrical company. Randa is a regular guest at schools around Australia addressing students about her books and the social justice issues they raise and is a regular guest at writer’s festival.

Dima Matta
Dima Matta is a writer, actress, and an instructor of English and Creative Writing at the University of Balamand. She received her MFA in Creative Writing from Rutgers University as a Fulbright scholar. In 2014, she founded Cliffhangers, a storytelling platform that hosts monthly storytelling events, workshops, and other parallel events.

All About Women 2019 Satellite

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4 hours (Including a short break after Session 1 – #metoo, Year Two)

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