Agantuk (The Stranger)

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Agantuk (The Stranger)

Venue Raffertys Theatre
Dates 04 November 2013

A film by Satyajit Ray

Indian cinema legend Satyajit Ray’s final film (before his death in 1992) receives an all too rare screening. A deceptively simple modern fable about a mysterious and world-weary old man who comes to stay with a middle-class Calcutta family, claiming to be the wife’s long-lost uncle. The wife wants to believe him, but her husband has his doubts. The couple’s young son is enthralled by his exotic tales of his magical adventures, which have taken him from New York to the jungles of the Amazon, and pretty much regards the whole thing as a game. As the family and their friends try to figure out who exactly he is, his very presence forces them to reflect on their own lives and identities.

Adapted from one of his own stories, Satyajit Ray’s Agantuk is a refined philosophical comedy; gentle in its satire of middle-class family mores and elegiac for the traditions of hospitality it weakly upholds. The film, produced by French admirers Gerard Depardieu and Daniel Toscan du Plantier, proves a fitting capstone to a landmark career.

“A small, gentle, exquisitely realized comedy about, among other things, family loyalties and trust in a world in which traditions have been devalued” – New York Times

Classification: Unrated

Dates & Times:
7:00pm, Monday 4 November 2013

Members $7, Non-Members $12*
*Transaction fees may apply


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