A Poke in the Eye with a Sharp Pencil: It’s My Party

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Riverside & The Whitlam, in Association with The Hoopla

A Poke in the Eye with a Sharp Pencil: It’s My Party

Venue Lennox Theatre
Dates 01 May 2013

A series of live special events

The Whitlam Institute presents

It’s My Party: The Ideas That Fashioned Our Contemporary Parties

Senator The Hon John Faulkner, The Hon Joe Hockey MP and former Leader of the Australian Greens Bob Brown will come together on the one stage to talk about the foundations on which their respective parties have been built. Together they will discuss how these philosophical roots have shaped the Labor, Liberal and Greens parties of today.

Dates & Times:
7:00pm, Wednesday 1 May 2013

All tickets $12*
*Transaction fees may apply

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All tickets $12

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