2nd South Asian Theatre Festival

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Nautanki Theatre presents

2nd South Asian Theatre Festival


Raffertys Theatre


09 November - 10 November 2017

Event Type

Live Event

For the Second year running, Nautanki Theatre’s 2nd South Asian Festival is a celebration in South Asian languages, transcending cultures and geographical boundaries, these plays are presented by various South Asian theatre groups who have been performing plays for many years within their community space.

Nautanki endeavours to provide a common performing platform for these groups, encouraging a cross-cultural and inter-language exchange. Nautanki is working along with three of these theatre groups to bring you three ‘one act’ plays over two nights.

An Urdu play, ‘Jehan Ara ke Teen Roop’ (The Three Faces of Jehan Ara), a Gujarati play, ‘Bapu Downunder’ and a Sinhalese play, ‘Thara’ will be presented during the festival.


Date & Times:
Thursday 9th November at 7.45 pm
Friday 10th November at 7.45 pm

This project is supported by Multicultural NSW

Festival team:
Festival Coordinator: Reema Gillani
Company Coordinator: Madhu Das
Media & Marketing Coordinator: Sunny Singh
Creative Director: Neel Banerjee
Artwork: Mariyam Nizam

Title: Jehan Ara ke Teen Roop (The Three Faces of Jehan Ara)
Story: Reema Gillani
Technical Director: Sunny Singh
Cast: Uzma Gillani, Kumud Merani, Reema Gillani

Title: Bapu Down Under
Production Management: Aparna Tijoriwala
Techical Director: Tushar Bose
Makeup & Costumes: Sandhya Bose
Cast: Hemal Joshi, Saral Somaiya, Aparna Tijoriwala, Dinsha Palkhiwala, Alisha Mistry, Vedant Tijoriwala, Tanya Bhatnagar

Title: Thara
Choreography: Dinesh Perera
Music & Sound: Indrajith Mirihana
Lighting: Kelum Gunathileke
Costumes: Champa Buddhipala and Dinesh perara
Cast: Champa Buddhipala, Upekha Pasqual, Sampath Jayaweera, Thilak Ranasinghe, Mihiri Fernando, Gayara Welegama, Sriya Ranasinghe, Chanaka Hennadige

Sinhalese Play: Thara
Writer & Director: Champa Buddhipala
Thara is about the struggle between a war hungry king and his daughter who is following the path of compassion and ahimsa. When the victorious King invites the daughter to join his campaign of conquering countries the daughter refuses to do so. This brings chaos in the palace and some conspiring ministers who wanted to capture power instigate the King to punish the daughter with life. This leads the events at the palace into an unbelievable turn

Urdu Play:Jehan Ara ke Teen Roop’ (The Three Faces of Jehan Ara)
Writer & Director: Uzma Gillani
Jehan Ara means the Empress of the Universe! Does every woman ruminating on her life’s journey think she has been a queen? In this short play an ageing and ailing Jehan Ara reflects upon the crests and troughs of her life. In her abysmal solitude she explores the stages of her life through the lens of memories. The colours cast back by the lens are luminous and iridescent and yet at times murky. The introspection and contemplation of one woman alone, compels you to ponder on the life of a woman, her life choices and her destiny.

Gujarati Play:Bapu Downunder
Writer: Dinsha Palkhiwala
Director: Vipul Vyas
Worldwide terrorism has become an epidemic and has become a plague which will eventually consume the whole humanity and all that is good about humans. Countries and their leaders are trying different ways to control this menace but all of their approaches are “fighting fire with fire”. Surely we need a circuit breaker for something to work, something needs to change. This play is intended to plant a seed in the audience’s mind asking the question, if years of war on terrorism have not worked, do we have to look at other ways to solve this issue to regain the humanity for our children? It will raise the question; “Can Gandhi’s principles of nonviolence be used to address terrorism?”

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All tickets $21
Transaction fees apply
Phone $4.60
Web $3.60
Counter $2.60
Screen $1.65
School Bookings $3.30



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