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shake & stir theatre company


Venue Riverside Theatre
Dates 01 April - 02 April 2014




Strap yourself in for this terrifically disturbing theatrical event set against a towering wall of plasma screens.

Oceania; a Nation perpetually at war, where cameras watch every move and Thought Police roam the streets: a place Winston Smith calls home. By day, Winston is an editor at the Ministry of Truth, rewriting history to align the past with the radical political agenda of the ruling party and its illusive leader, Big Brother. By night, Winston pursues a forbidden love affair with the mysterious Julia in an attempt to rebel against the oppressive regime set down by the party and maintain some control over his otherwise totally controlled life.

Arguably one of the most influential novels of all time, 1984 not only enriched our language with the adjective Orwellian, it also contributed the concepts of thought police, Big Brother, Newspeak, thought crime, unperson and doublethink, the title itself has become a metaphore for a distopian society. While the year 1984 has long passed, the legacy of Orwell’s disturbing vision continues to become more and more relevant in today’s interconnected world.

ADAPTOR: Nelle Lee and Nick Skubij
DIRECTOR: Michael Fulcher
DESIGNER: Josh McIntosh
MEDIA PRODUCERS: optikal bloc
STARRING: Ross Balbuziente, Nelle Lee, David Whitney, Bryan Probets, Nick Skubij


From the Education Coordinator…
Long before ‘Big Brother’ was a TV show, George Orwell wrote a ground-breaking, extremely profound, ahead-of-his time book. This theatrical version of 1984 is modern, edgy, stunning in it’s visual design and provides a great way to show your students how eerily relevant classic literature can be. This is a particularly good production for English students studying the text as well as for Entertainment and Drama students studying elements of production due to its clever use of technical elements.


PLEASE NOTE: 1984 will be using live rats. The company are very aware of the protocol of traveling and performing with live animals. The company have two nominated rat wranglers who have been specifically trained in the handling and care of the rats for the duration of the tour. The rats are all vet checked and the company will be travelling with all the relevant paper work.  

Dates & Times:
11:00am, Tuesday 1 April
11:00am, Wednesday 2 April
Evening performances also available, please contact the Education Coordinator on 8839 3308 for more information.

Student/Additional Teacher $25*
*Transaction fees may apply


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Please find a range of helpful teaching resources related to 1984, below:

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