Rafeef Ziadah – We Teach Life, Sir: Performance and Album

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Rafeef Ziadah – We Teach Life, Sir: Performance and Album

Venue Lennox Theatre
Dates 01 April 2016

Critically-acclaimed Palestinian spoken word artist Rafeef Ziadah in her first Australia tour celebrating the release of her new album We Teach Life, Sir.

Playing a one-off intimate gig in Sydney, showcasing her signature performance style and powerful words. “Rafeef’s poetry demands to be heard. She is powerful, emotional and political” says Ken Loach of her poetry.

Rafeef uses language to narrate, inspire and pull apart stereotypes. Her poems We Teach Life, Sir and Shades of Anger went viral online within days of their release. Her new album, released in November 2015, features an exciting blend of poetry and music, which she brings to the stage with special guest musician Phil Monsour and master oud player Mohamed Youssef.

Click here to read guest blogger, Liane Morris’ blog, Women Who Run With the Arts to find out more.

Dates & Times:
Friday 1 April 7:30pm

“Sometimes anger provokes truth: bare, free, not to be stifled or evaded. Sometimes anger, indignation, despair, full blown love of the life of one’s people, one’s own land and planet, can bring fierce flower to the poet’s heart. Then we are blessed with passionate words of resistance that can become the foundation of prophecy. A change for which there is no turning back. Such is the case of this poet.” – Alice Walker

Rafeef is a Palestinian performance poet and human rights activist based in London. Her performances of poems like ‘We Teach Life, Sir’ and ‘Shades of Anger’ went viral online within days of their release. She received an Ontario Arts Council Grant from the Word of Mouth programme to create her debut spoken-word album Hadeel. Since releasing her album, she has toured many countries, performing poetry and conducting workshops. She was chosen to represent Palestine at the South Bank center Poets Olympiad in 2012.

Her new album We Teach Life was released in November 2015 and features the well-known poems “We Teach Life” and “Shades of Anger”, along with 11 new performances pieces. The new CD is an exciting and unique blend of poetry and music.

The live performance of “We Teach Life, Sir” went viral soon after it was published online and has been republished in many languages. The title of the poem has become a common phase used to capture the struggles and resilience of the Palestinian people. “We Teach Life” has also been used as the theme for many events, such as the inspiration for a photography show for display inside the Scottish Parliament. The exhibit was titled, “We Teach Life: The Children of the Occupation.”

In 2009 Ziadah released her first spoken word album, Hadeel. Ziadah produced Hadeel with a grant from the Ontario Arts Council within their Word of Mouth program in 2008.

Listen: Rafeef Ziadah on why “it’s difficult to separate politics from poetry”

Source: The Electronic Intifada


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