Let It Be

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STARTTS Presents

Let It Be

Venue Riverside Theatre
Dates 21 December 2014

Mark the start of this year’s festive season with an enchanting family friendly choral singing event.

Choirs formed from refugee and multicultural communities in Sydney will lend their voices to a repertoire spanning continents, cultures and centuries, from Iraqi sacred music to songs of freedom from the world’s newest country, South Sudan.

Up to 100 performers showcase the power of the human voice and its expression around the world in a joyous celebration of life and the healing power of music.

Performers include the ‘Choir of Love’ (Arabic Choral Music), South Sudanese Women’s Performance Group, Bosnian Women’s ‘Blue River Choir’, Spanish Speaking Choir, guest artists Annette Tesoriero and Elia Bosshard, plus special guests.

Dates & Times:
Sunday 21 December 4pm


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