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Ensemble Offspring

Venue Raffertys Theatre
Dates 21 May 2013


Forget your preconceptions about what music is and open your imagination to what music can be in this mind-blowing performance by Ensemble Offspring. You will be completely surprised by the sheer brilliance of composition and will find yourself talking about your experience for days afterwards to everyone you meet.

Come and experience Ensemble Offspring’s new repertoire, Between The Keys, as they follow the lead of the iconic Harry Partch, whose music was so radical he needed to build his own orchestra of unique instruments to play it.

Driven by open-mindedness and performance excellence, Ensemble Offspring has commissioned a handful of visually striking and sonically beautiful new instruments to perform the vivid timbres and expressive colours of four especially composed Australian works along with surprising microtonal interpretations of Philip Glass and Arvo Pärt.

Anna McMichael and Damien Ricketson (Scrapers – Violin and Tarhu)
Claire Edwardes and Bree van Reyk (Hitters – Percussion and Centaur Vibraphone)
Jason Noble and Diana Springford (Blowers – Clarinet and Clarinis)

Dates & Times:
7:30pm, Tuesday 21 May 2013

Adult $32, Conc. $27, Youth 30&U $23*

*Transaction fees may apply

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Ticket Prices

Adult $32
Concession $27
Youth 30&U $23

Transaction fees apply

Phone $4.60
Web $3.60
Counter $2.60
Screen $1.65
School Bookings $4.00