Waiting in the Wings: The Musical

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Waiting in the Wings: The Musical

Venue Raffertys Theatre
Dates 28 March 2015

Anthony is a naïve musical theatre enthusiast from middle-America, desperate to get his big break in the city of lights. Tony is a stripper from New York, ego as impressive as his abs. The two entertainers are destined for the big time, but when their applications to two very different online contests are mixed up in a casting office, they’re in for a surprise.

Tony finds himself cast in an Off-Broadway play, having to learn more than how to flex his muscles, as he quickly proves himself to be a not-so-natural actor. Meanwhile Anthony wrestles with his conscience and true desire to stay in the Big Apple, handing in his tights and tap shoes for the world of tear-away trousers.

They’ve both got a lot to learn and it’s a hilarious ride, from Anthony’s resoundingly camp take on cowboys in chaps, to Tony’s ham-fisted performances on stage. As if Anthony doesn’t have enough on his plate, he also has a very handsome dancing instructor acting as his champion, and a boyfriend back home who’s being kept in the dark regarding his new career.

Throw in some songs, along with unexpected cameos from some of Broadway’s most fabulous dames, and you’ll be grinning from ear-to-ear.

“★★★★★★★ It’s funny, cute, silly and highly enjoyable with a high-octane energy.” – queertiques.com

Classification: Unclassified 18+

Dates & Times:
Saturday 28 March 8pm


Jeffrey A. Johns
Adam Huss
Rena Strober

Jeffrey A. Johns

Winner Best First Narrative Feature, Best Supporting Actor FilmOut Audience Awards San Diego

Company Credits:
Production Company – JJ Spotlight Productions, NANDAR Entertainment Group

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Approximately 107 minutes

Ticket Prices

Adult $19
Queer Screen Members $16

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School Bookings $4.00