Twelfth Night

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Sport for Jove Theatre

Twelfth Night

Venue Riverside Theatre
Dates 05 March - 08 March 2014

By William Shakespeare

Sport for Jove’s acclaimed and brilliantly staged production takes us right to the waters edge, set in the golden sunlight of a 1960′s summer holiday by the sea. Shakespeare’s deliriously romantic classic is a potent cocktail of songs, sun and sand, melancholy and madness, comedy and chaos, a feast of love that will leave your heart lighter and your family closer. And as any family knows, on holidays, we never entirely escape our demons, indeed, we tend to pack them up with us.

Sport for Jove is revered for producing the sort of wonderful Globe Theatre-like connection between audience and actors, celebrating these extraordinary stories with the accessibility and passion so essential to their vision. Starring Abigail Austin, Anthony Gooley, Megan Drury, James Lugton and the astonishing voice of Tyran Parke as Feste the fool.

“Twelfth Night is about finding the freedom that comes with loving others more than oneself,” says Director, Damien Ryan. “It celebrates the full spectrum of love, set in a country called Illyria, a place where refugees can find their families again, where self-obsession is punished, where revenge and foolish pranks will pay a price, but boy they make us feel good, and where happiness can only be found in freedom, or ‘what you will’…Now wouldn’t that be a magical place to live?”

DIRECTOR: Damien Ryan
DESIGNER: Anna Gardiner
ORIGINAL MUSIC: Christopher Harley
SOUND: David Stalley
LIGHTING:  Toby Knyvett
PERFORMERS: Abigail Austin, George Banders, Megan Drury, Robin Goldsworthy, Anthony Gooley, Sam Haft, Edmund Lembke-Hogan, Teresa Jakovich, James Lugton, Tyran Parke, Mike Pigott, Bernadette Ryan, Francesca Savige, Chris Stalley, Damien Strouthos , Chris Tomkinson, and Eloise Winestock

Q & A sessions are offered afterwards with the actors and director.


From the Education Coordinator…
Sport for Jove’s Hamlet got nothing but RAVE reviews from all the teachers and students who saw it. Damien Ryan returns with this modern and engaging production of a classic Shakespeare. Not only is this perfect for your HSC students studying extension English, with links to Module C: Language and Values, but it is a wonderful, funny, clear and exciting introduction to Shakespeare for younger years. There are also some great links for discussing language, character, society, gender, status and social values in the classroom.

Dates & Times:
6:30pm, Wednesday 5 March
11:00am, Friday 7 March
8:00pm, Friday 7 March
2:00pm, Saturday 8 March
8:00pm, Saturday 8 March

Student/Additional Teacher $25*
*Transaction fees may apply


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Please find a range of helpful teaching resources related to Twelfth Night, or What You Will, below:

Twelfth Night – Curriculum Links

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