Train Lord & Symphonie Fantastique – Online Watch Party Double Bill

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Train Lord & Symphonie Fantastique – Online Watch Party Double Bill

Venue Online
Dates 08 October 2021
Category Riverside Theatres Digital – Online Watch Party

Riverside Theatres Digital presents
Binge the Fringe
in association with The Sydney Fringe

Be part of the exclusive Online Watch Party of this double bill stream on our Riverside Theatres Digital platform. You will be able to stream both productions and take part in the live chat function. After the shows, participate in a Q&A with Oliver Mol and Oliver Shermacher, hosted by Sydney Fringe Festival Director & CEO, Kerri Glasscock. This is a fantastic opportunity to gain behind-the-scenes insight into the shows and a chance to have your questions answered. This is a one time only event, you will not have access to the show on demand afterwards.

Chat live after the show with:
Q&A Host – Sydney Fringe Festival Director & CEO, Kerri Glasscock
Train Lord Writer and Performer, Oliver Mol
Symphonies Fantastique Musical Director, Oliver Shermacher

By Oliver Mol

Award-winning author Oliver Mol’s debut is a true, funny and heartbreaking tale about a 10-month migraine, his recovery in Brisbane and job on the railway when he couldn’t do anything else.

Performed to music by Thomas Gray & Liam Ebbs, and to visuals by Kat Chellos, it is a story of hope, laughter, pain, relationships, drugs, failed orgies, mothers, fathers and love.

Part monologue, part performance art and part essay, Train Lord collapses genre and form to create a stunning portrait of pain, creativity and failure. Achingly authentic, funny and poignant, this is a breathtakingly honest study of humanity from one of Australia’s most exciting emerging writers.

Ultimately, this is a story about stuffing up and figuring it out and stuffing up and finding out you’re not alone.

By Little Eggs Collective

Symphonie Fantastique is a dark symphony made contemporary as a live theatre work exploring party-culture, psychedelia, and violence. Composed and devised by the company.

Symphonie Fantastique is a romantic epic, a monolithic work, a dark and perfumed symphony that revels in fascination, obsession, the dizzying highs and self-destructive lows of a pained artist and their drug induced hallucinations. Contemporised into a fifty-minute live work for the stage, Little Eggs will take this French Symphony from the 1800s and – through live music and movement – present a queer theatre work exploring party-culture, psychedelia, and violence. Composed and devised by the company.

Performance Warnings
Train Lord contains discussions of suicide, content related to mental health/ill-health, discussions of drug use and sexual themes.
Symphonie Fantastique contains discussion of sexual violence, depiction of sexual violence, depictions of violence, drug references and strobe lighting..

Book tickets on this page for the Online Watch Party double bill on YouTube. If you’re looking for the On Demand offering for:
Train Lord click here
Symphonie Fantastique click here

How You Can Access
We are holding an Online Watch Party double bill for these shows on Friday 8 October 2021 at 7:30pm into your home. The link will be available on this date only and will be streamed on YouTube and will not be available to view online after the event.
You are welcome to share and watch the show as a group or couple. If you are going to share this with your family or a group in your household, please consider purchasing the household ticket.

There is no transaction fee for this show.

About the All Access Pass
Our ALL ACCESS PASS is the perfect option if you want to see all 6 shows at a discounted price!
You can see it your way, and when you want, with access to both On Demand and Online Watch Party viewing options. Ensuring you don’t miss out on seeing any show.

Need Help?
If you’re having issues connecting to our stream, click here to download our Streaming FAQ’s to help you.


Written & Performed by – Oliver Mol
Score by – Thomas Gray and Liam Ebbs
Video Projection by – Kat Chellos
Cinematograophy & Editing (film) by – Laura Turner
Photography – Tristán Jensen


Director – Matthew Lee
Musical Director/Sound Designer – Oliver Shermacher
Producer – Rebecca Blake
Set & Lighting Designer – Benjamin Brockman
Costume Designer – Aleisa Jelbart
Stage Manager – Christopher Starnawski
Company Director/Produce – Julia Robertson
Lead Performer – LJ Wilson
Performer – Annie Stafford
Performer – Cassie Hamilton
Performer – Chemon Theys
Performer/Asst. Sound Designer – Cllare Hennessy
Performer – Nicole Pingon
Performer – Lloyd Allison-Young
Original Production Asst. Director – Eliza Scott
Original Production Movement Coach – Grace Stamnas
Original Production Producer – Madelaine Osborn


★★★★★ Oliver performed in the green room after our gig in Barcelona. Wild and special. This asshole made me cry. See this or die – Clarence McGuffie, Confidence Man

★★★★ Sydney author Oliver Mol delivers his autobiographical monologue with such clarity and heart … best just go – Louise Nunn, The Advertiser


An early contender for a best independent theatre award for 2021 – Audrey Journal

It’s a beautiful, gestural and exploratory work – Sydney Morning Herald

Symphonie Fantastique is, quite simply, fantastic. – Sydney Arts Guide

Unforgettably transcendent moment that are nothing less than electric – Suzy Goes See

An enormous success, Symphonie Fantastique realised a highly diverting piece of theatre, whilst contributing to an important discussion – The Music with Sylvie

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2 hours + livestreamed Q&A after the show

Ticket Prices

Individual $20
Household Group $25
All Access Pass Price (access to all 6 shows - via Online Watch Party and On Demand) $39