To The Green Fields Beyond

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To The Green Fields Beyond

Dates 17 October - 21 October 2006

September 1918. On the edge of a Somme Valley forest, a small band of soldiers have set up camp and await orders on the eve of battle. They are the crew of the latest technological advance in weaponry – the tank.

Perceptive and poignant, Nick Whitby’s script captures the essence of the Great War in the events of one night. With delicacy and clarity, war and its uncertainties are powerfully explored as each character struggles with fate and morality. Whitby’s earthy humour, and sometimes crude depiction of reality reminds us that at the heart of the beast lies the humanity of the individual.

To The Green Fields Beyond is a riveting and compelling drama that raises questions which still resonant today. First directed by Sam Mendes (American Beauty) in 2000 at the Donmar Theatre, London and a hit at Sydney’s Old Fitzroy Hotel in 2005.

Director Scott Patterson

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