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TaikOZ – Workshop

Dates 05 May 2006

Experience the unique energy and excitement of the awe-inspiring Japanese taiko drums. TaikOz combines the power of the taiko drums with the hushed, ethereal tones of the Japanese shinobue flute. Like waves in the ocean and thunder in the distance, the sound of TaikOz is elemental. The force of its resonance envelopes players and audience alike, drawing each and all into its thrilling embrace.

With ancient practice at its core TaikOz seeks to explore a synthesis of East and West, old and new. The ensemble’s achievements include performances in all of Australia’s finest concert halls. International appearances have taken them to Japan for performances in Kanazawa and Kobe, and Thailand for the Bangkok International Festival of Music and Dance.

TaikOz regularly collaborates with some of the greatest names in Japanese music and the group has also joined forces with the Sydney, Melbourne, West Australian and Queensland Symphony Orchestras. The TaikOz credo is: to beat with every muscle, bone and sinew in our bodies, with an open and joyous spirit. If thunder has a new name it is TaikOz.

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