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Indie Gems Film Festival

Student Film Competition

Venue Raffertys Theatre
Dates 12 September 2015

A screening of the finalist’s films in the Indie Gems Student Film Competition followed by an announcement of the winners, each vying for a share in a fantastic prize pool. The theme this year is “Diversity”.

First prize is $300, second prize is $200 and third prize is $100. Additional prizes include digital cameras and movie tickets.

Finalists include:

No Limits
Directed by Jarred Fantom
No Limits is a short inspirational film about a young man with Tourette’s syndrome. After being bullied at school for being different, Thomas is determined to show everyone in his class that he doesn’t just have a disability, he has an ‘ability’.
5 Minutes

The Tolerance of Corruption
A film by Amelia Berrill, Ebony-Rose Baxter-Beale, Gus Skattebol James
When two polar opposites meet in a sticky situation, they must put aside their differences and work together to escape.
8 Minutes 31 Seconds

The Chocolate Movie
Coreen SSP Junior Campus
Each student has their own chocolate. They can’t understand why others like different chocolates. They try each other’s chocolates and learn to get along.
5 Minutes 26 Seconds

Living 2 Lives
Ruken Kaya and Arian Osman,  AIA Australian International Academy
A young Muslim girl tries to hide her identity from her friends to fit in with the crowd.
7 minutes 23 seconds

Classification: PG

Dates & Times:
Saturday 12 September 2pm

Use hashtags #RiversideScreen #IndieGemsParra
Use hashtags #RiversideScreen #IndieGemsParra
Use hashtags #RiversideScreen #IndieGemsParra

iNDIEgEMS Riverside


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Approximately 60 minutes

Ticket Prices

All tickets $10

Transaction fees apply

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