Double Bill: Sketch & Between Two and Zero

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FORM Dance Projects

Double Bill: Sketch & Between Two and Zero

Venue Lennox Theatre
Dates 12 September 2014


Dance Bites is a curated, signature program of contemporary dance works presented by FORM Dance Projects. The Dance Bites season features some of Australia’s most innovative and exciting independent choreographers and performers.

This program is a unique opportunity for dance students to learn the repertoire from each of the Dance Bites performances in a workshop led by the presenting company. Following this, students experience a matinee performance and post show Q&A with the artistic team.


Sketch and Between Two and Zero are supported by Dance Makers Collective.


Sketch is the first full length work by Flatline; a new interdisciplinary collective that converges multiple art forms in new and exciting performance experiences. This triptych sees three dancers, a visual artist and composer transform the theatre into a hyper-sensorial world where these three mediums push and pull one another into new territory. The work converges old and new technologies to intercept lines, curves and colours with choreographic and sound scores. Flatline presents work that explores the spaces between art forms, bringing them closer to one another to a point where they are no longer distinguishable.

“Very cool. And a sign of the future, perhaps.” – Jill Sykes, Sydney Morning Herald

LIVE COMPOSITION: Mitchell Mollison
DANCERS: Katina Olsen, Carl Sciberras, Rosslyn Wythes
PRODUCER: Flatline


Matt Cornell and Miranda Wheen are imagining a social dance for the future. By changing the ‘rules of play’ their partnership negotiates intimacy, competition, gender politics, power grabs, tenderness and simple beauty between two people in real-time.

A new work choreographed and performed by Matt Cornell and Miranda Wheen.

Dates & Times:
Friday 12 September

10:00am – Workshop at Connect Studios, Parramatta
12.30pm – Matinee and Q&A at Riverside Theatres



Performance/Workshop – Student $25 (Teacher’s Free), Performance Only – Student/Teacher $20*
*Transaction fees may apply


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Please find a range of helpful teaching resources related to Dance Bites 2014, below:

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