Family Friendly – G Rated Shorts – Session 3 – Lennox

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Screen My Shorts Inc presents SciFi Film Festival

Family Friendly – G Rated Shorts – Session 3 – Lennox

Venue Lennox Theatre
Dates 31 October 2015

The Space Between Us
Netherlands I 2015 I 12 minutes I Australian Premiere

A cleaner has to choose between humanity and the life of a merman.

Juliette, the last remaining cleaner from the Beacon Gill Research Centre, meets Adam at night.

He is a merman with the most suitable gills to save humanity. Adam enchants Juliette with his singing. She faces a dilemma: does Adam have to die for the sins of humanity?

Operation Risking Tusk
Germany I 2015 I 5 minutes I Australian Premiere

On November the 3rd 1957 the mongrel Laika was on board of a soviet spaceship being sent to space. This made her the first living being in space – a slap in the face for the United States of America, who lost the illusion to be far ahead of the Soviet Union. This is where our story begins: The USA decides to start ‘Operation Rising Tusk’, a space program aiming to send a fully grown elephant into the orbit, to successfully challenge the USSR. Since there is no time to waste, they can’t afford to actually train an elephant for the mission. They capture a wild elephant and in the very next moment he is already on the journey to the final frontier, where he has to face the professional space-dog Laika…

Poland I 2015 I 12 minutes I Australian Premiere

Last survivor of destroyed starship meets with his enemy in the void.

There is only one survivor aboard destroyed spaceship orbiting around distant blue giant. He struggle and fight for his life waiting for humans to rescue him. Another day means another trip for resources. He hides himself in hermetic server room. The only place where he is able to be alive without space suit.In his dreams and memories he is going back to his love who was killed by rebellious artificial intelligence.

One day he discovers huge spaceship orbiting nearby his wreck. There are no boundaries to his happiness but he knows that there is not much time and he have to make some attention for the “others” to see him. In furious manner he gets himself to main control room where radio is activated and emergency flare gun could be taken. He gets to the surface of hull and shots flares. He has been spotted and now only thing to do is to wait what will happen next. But to his surprise spaceship activate main engines and fly away leaving survivor alone again. The propulsion of spaceship makes the floating pieces of metal to move with high speed. One of piece hits astronaut and throws him into deep space away from his wreck. In the shadow of the moon half alive astronaut with empty oxygen tank sees his long time dead love. She smiles to him and takes his soul to her world. They meet again after life to be together for eternity.

Deadly Drive-In Disaster
Netherlands I 2015 I 3 minutes I Australian Premiere

Sola Powers, special agent with Extraterrestrial Affairs, jumps into action when a drive-in- showing an alien invasion movie- is attacked by a real UFO. This film was made for Dutch cinema chain Pathé, to be shown before 007 Spectre.

Jewel of Denial
United States of America I 2014 I 46 seconds I Australian Premiere

A robot on a mission to collect a rare crystal encounters an obstacle.

Sage Francis – ID Thieves
United Kingdom I 2015 I 4 minutes

Animated music video for ID Thieves by Sage Francis.

Out of Time, Out of Mind
Australia I 2014 I 10 minutes

Born with extraordinary time travel powers, Aleta must find a way to save her mother from the pre-determined fate, without losing her mind and physical existence.

Aleta was born and grew up with the extraordinary power to time travel. Not being close to her parents, she lived a life in an attempt of an ordinary world with her best companion Aiden. However, when fate takes her mother away without reconciliation, Aleta believes there’s only one way to fix the past; even if it means interfering with the likely mental and traumatic consequences.

Australia I 2014 I 16 minutes I NSW Premiere

A coming-of-age tale of a man and a boy who learn to survive together in post-apocalyptic Australia, after an alien invasion.

Classification: G

Dates & Times:
Saturday 31 October 3:30pm

The Space Between Us

Operation Rising Tusk


The Space Between Us

Director/Writer – Marc S. Nollkaemper
Producer – Mark Lolkema, Isha van Moort

Cast –
Elsa May Averill
Kiefer Zwart
Adrian Brine
Phi Nyugen

Operation Rising Tusk

Directors – Johannes Engelhardt, Benjamin Brand, Markus Eschrich, Johannes Lumer, Julius Rosen
Production – Johannes Engelhardt, Alexander Ochs, Nuremberg Institute of Technology Georg Simon Ohm


Director/Producer/Screenwriter – Jakub Grygie

Deadly Drive-In Disaster

Director/Writer – Arjan Wilschut Farmer Jack, Hard Boiled Chicken
Producer – Hans buying so very many TV commercials!

Key Cast –
Jelle Gijsberts (Art Director) The 3D Machine

Jewel of Denial

Directors – Adam Rothstein, Anne Lynch, Shuvo Das, Yinan Xiong, Justin Sheehy, Schaefer Mitchell

Sage Francis – ID Thieves

Director/Producer/Distributor – Aaron Lampert
Music Composer – Sage Francis (Strange Famous Records)

Out of Time, Out of Mind

Director – Rhiannon Noon
Producer – Matthew Phillips

Cast –
Teigan McCarty
Kristian Boulter
Rob Sneddon
Julie-Anne Breen
Haley Sewell
Nathan Bender


Director/Writer – Ryan Greaves
Producers – Leticia Jenkins, Josh Schultz

Key Cast –
Guy Williams
Riley Brooker



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