PG Rated Shorts – Session 2 – Lennox

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Screen My Shorts Inc presents SciFi Film Festival

PG Rated Shorts – Session 2 – Lennox

Venue Lennox Theatre
Dates 31 October 2015

Australia I 2014 I 9 minutes

A cynical young Indigenous man and his family are abducted by aliens. Leading them on a breathtaking escape, he discovers the aliens’ origins, shattering his worldview forever.

The Black Forest
Spain I 2014 I 15 minutes I Australian Premiere

Sir Hector, a brave knight in armor and steed, prepares to enter the wicked Black Forest to deliver a beautiful and virginal lady prey of a terrible ogre.

Serbia I 2015 I 20 minutes I Australian Premiere

In a post-apocalyptic near future devastated by global nuclear war, Dastagir, one of the few survivors, fights to regain his lost love and rediscover his humanity. While he fights his way through the ruins of the old world, we start to understand the complicated nature of this simple love story.

Switzerland I 2015 I 14 minutes I Australian Premiere

A dying scientist is offered the chance to live on in his clone’s body.

The Future Perfect
United States of America I 2014 I 12 minutes I Australian Premiere

Somewhere between then and now, a time traveler defies his orders, and compromises a future he cannot un-learn.

It’s Here!
United Kingdom I 2014 I 6 minutes I Australian Premiere

A Mortuary Technician takes delivery of a body. He soon finds out the body isn’t what it appears to be.

Genghis Khan Conquers the Moon
United States of America I 2015 I 17 minutes I Australian Premiere

Genghis Khan Conquers the Moon is a short science fiction fable about an anti-hero on a spiritual quest, starring legendary Asian American actors Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa & James Hong.

In Genghis Khan’s last days, an encounter with a Wizard sends him to the Moon. Just as the Medieval anti-hero thinks he’s made his greatest conquest, he finds himself on a spiritual quest, realizing the absurd clash between one man’s need and the silence of the Universe.

Classification: PG

Dates & Times:
Saturday 31 October 1pm

Use hashtags #RiversideScreen #ScifiFilmFest
Use hashtags #RiversideScreen #ScifiFilmFest
Use hashtags #RiversideScreen #ScifiFilmFest


The Black Forest



The Future Perfect

Genghis Khan Conquers the Moon


Directors – Oscar Nicholson (Live Director) & Josh Bryer (VFX & Post Supervising Director)
Writer – Josh Bryer
Screenplay by – Josh Bryer, Oscar Nicholson, Stephen Deans, Karel Segers, Annie Kinnane
Producers – Josh Bryer and Co-produced by Annie Kinnane

Cast –
Damion Hunter
Maurial Spearim
David Page

The Black Forest

Director –  Paul Urkijo Alijo
Producer – Inguma Filmak

Cast –
Ortzi Acosta


Director – Branko Sujic
Writers – Branko Sujic, Slobodan Obradovic
Producers – Mirko Milosevic, Branko Sujic, Miodrag Milosevic

Key Cast –
Sofija Rajovic
Petar Bencina
Radivoje Cupic


Director/Writer – Rafael Bolliger
Producer – Stefan Girtanner

Key Cast –
Rutger Hauer
DeObia Oparei
Stephanie Nemeth Parker
Manfred Liechti

The Future Perfect

Director/Writer – Nick Citton
Producer – James Brown
Executive Producers – Jason James, Michael Tanko Grand

Cast –
Robert Baker
Zachary Quinto
Cody Davis

It’s Here!

Directors – Sinclair Obiora Paperdream, Franklin Haywire
Writer – Sinclair Obiora
Producers – Sinclair Obiora, James Winnifrith (The Dark Knight, Stardust, Sherlock Holmes: Game of Shadows)

Key Cast –
Freddie Annobil-Dodoo (Holding On, As If, Heat of the Sun, The Vice)

Genghis Khan Conquers the Moon

Director – Kerry Yang
Writers – Kerry Yang, Steve Emmons
Producers – Emily Forman, Aaron Bush, Zhen Li

Key Cast – 
Cary-Hiroyuki (Tagawa Mortal Kombat, Memoirs of a Geisha, Hachiko: A Dog’s Story, 47 Ronin)
James Hong (Big Trouble in Little China, Blade Runner, Kung Fun Panda)


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