Short Films Session 3 – Raffertys

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Short Films Session 3 – Raffertys

Venue Raffertys Theatre
Dates 16 November 2014



SPACE follows John, an estranged father and husband, trying to connect with his family in the final days before he leaves indefinitely.

Director: David Williams
Starring: Robyn Darch, Aisha Jakszewicz



The Wilderness, 30 years in the future we find Richter. A well off man haunted by the loss of his wife. But has she passed on, or gone missing? Could something have took her into the woods? Richter searches daily only to hear strange moans and shrieks coming from the darkness. Worried about his health, Richter’s business firm sends a companion Android to help him transition and get well. The Android starts to realize something is not right, and that something or someone is in the woods. Richter’s deterioration has left him quiet and un-trust worthy. The Android is alone with many unanswered questions. She takes it on herself to explore the woods and confront what is lurking there.

Directors: Jon Hyatt Glass, LA Catedral
Writer, Producer: Jon Hyatt
Starring: Amy Wallace , Jon Hyatt , Eric Parris , Joe Costa , Lawrene Denkers


Billy is a broke young man covered with debts and living in a shabby apartment. One day he discovers a magical washing machine in an old laundry room that is capable of generating money. This allows Billy to become rich and he buys all the things that he had always desired. This dream does not last for long though, and the machine stops making money pretty soon. He looses control and kicks the machine several times. At this point the Representative appears, a mysterious character that punishes Billy for his misbehavior: he is first frozen, and then he is sucked into the machine, where he is digested and turned into a cloud of smoke. As the Representative is leaving the room, he encounters a young woman similar to Billy, to whom he suggests to use the magical washing machine.

Director, Writer: Lorenzo Pomari
Producer: Lorenzo Pomari, Carolina De Leon
Starring: Bryan Webb, Thomas Callahan, Maya Sharpe< Valeria Rifici


Elderly couple Hugh & Candace are restored to life after centuries in cryonic suspension. Together, they face the joys and challenges of a second life in the distant future.

Directors: John Harden
Writers: John Harden, The Sensitivity Project
Producers: John Harden, Sheila Harden, Don R. Lewis
Starring: Jared Abrahamson, Joslyn Jensen, Jennifer Lafleur



It’s the year 2084, and every citizen is guaranteed 80 years of perfect health, followed by mandatory euthanasia at one of many preparedness facilities worldwide. Chloe arrives at the Preparedness Center, resigned to her fate – until she runs into Tom, an old flame from her youth.

Writer: Jean Barker
Starring: John Heard, Adair Jameson



Policewoman Julia Forward is kidnapped by the Alektro Corporation and is being transported in a Body Transport Unit from Earth. Distraught and unaware of where she is, she awakens in a clearing surrounded by dense forest. Primitive armed warriors surround her and begin to close in. A chase proceeds but she is unable to flee and is captured.

She is taken to a Stoneage community, caged like an animal – their prisoner. Here she meets their depraved leader and space traveller, Olsndot. He is the only human that she can communicate with, here where ever she is. Tentatively he begins to trust her and finally reveals important information about the Corporation. Julia’s world, as she knows it, is destroyed.

Alektro is a science fiction short film which invokes questions about conspiracy theories and the entire evolution of Man. An earthling is kidnapped into space, discovering parallel dimensions that she could have never imagined.

Director: Thomas Kaufmann
Writer, Producer: Michael Mehring
Starring: Beate Malkus, Ecki Hoffmann

Dates & Times:
Sunday 16 November 3pm – 4:30pm


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3pm – 4:30pm

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