Short Films Session 2 – Lennox

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Short Films Session 2 – Lennox

Venue Lennox Theatre
Dates 16 November 2014

From 1pm to 2:30pm


Three eco-activists break into a warehouse in search of a police device which they plan to destroy. What they find is something they could never have imagined …

Producers: Martin Walker, Justin Villiers
Writer, Director: Justin Villiers
Cinematographer: Ciro Candia
Editor: Liam Garvo
Starring: Beatriz Romilly, Christopher Brandon, Max Mackintosh, Shani Schwartz


In the future cloning machines known as “Multipliers” were forbidden and abandoned still operating. They still create clones inside them, in an infinite loop that is perpetuated by their security protocol.

Director: Rodrigo Hernández Cruz
Producer: Henner Hofmann,Liliana Pardo,  Karla Bukantz
Executive Producer: Rosa Martha Becerra, Laura Huerta, Rodrigo Hernández Cruz
Screenplay By: Rodrigo Hernández Cruz
Cinematographer: Selina Rodríguez
Editor: Adrián Parisi
Sound Design: Matías Barberis, Rodrigo Hernández, Santiago Arroyo
Sound: Varios
Music: Lisette Martell
Animated by: Andrea Meling, Lio Sarmiento
Starring: Emilio Savini-Clón


A man trapped in a building with a thousand clones of himself must outwit his other selves to escape.

Director, Writer: Justin Tagg
Starring: Julian Nicholson
Director of Photography: Hákon Pálsson


A young, beautiful lady grows up in a secluded and controlled environment.

Producer, Director: Joachim Huveneers
Cinematographer: Wesley Versteeg
Editor: Hermen Tilma
Music: Brian Clifton
Audio: David Benneel
Audio Editor: Paulo Rietjens
Make Up: Anke Mullens
Starring: Kim Hertogs, Johny Voners, Erik Goris, Lukas Buys


As Zac’s relationship with his long suffering girlfriend deteriorates, a mysterious ‘plant’ is discovered in his back yard.

Writer, Producer: Nick Stathopoulos
Director/Cinematographer: Ryan Cauchi, Nick Stathopoulos
Starring: Nick Stathopoulos, Catriona Sparks, Jaimie Leonarder, Henri Stathopoulos, Greg Kaplan, Chris Hawkshaw, Adrian Robinson, Lewis P Morley, Alexanser Wright


In a world not unlike our own, a group of strangers sit quietly on a bus late one night. Reading stories of their lives that are reflections of the past or projected ideas for their future. A young man notices a woman, his book tells him she will change his future if he can get to know her. Will Kevin take the chance to make things different?

Production Company: White Eye
Director, Writer, Producer, Editor, VFX: Lyle Carroll
Cinematographer: Tim Peyton
Original Score by: Denzil Maher
Sound Mix: Scott Collins
Starring: Vincent Andriano Madeline (Kevin), Alex Juiceman (Lauren Augarten Red)


A man from the future travels back to the past in order to stop the hit-and-run accident which left his wife a paraplegic.

Australia, 2028. A weary yet determined man obtains an illegal time-travel device and travels back into his past, attempting to stop the hit-and-run accident that paralysed his wife 15 years before.

Director: Henry Boffin
Producer: Liam Heyen
Cinematographer: Robert Bakken
Editor: Ahmad Halimi
Starring: Christopher Sommers, Erica Field, Jack Henry, Jayden Caulfield, Monette Lee


The worst nightmares come from the darkest places

On the brink of an alien invasion Jess comes home, unsuspecting that her destiny is about to be horribly altered.

Writer, Director: Andy Sutton
Starring: Adele Vuko

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Dates & Times:
Sunday 16 November 1pm – 2:30pm


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1pm – 2:30pm

Ticket Prices

Adult $10
Concession $8

Transaction fees apply

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Counter $2.60
Screen $1.65
School Bookings $4.00