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Sharp Short Theatre


Riverside Theatre


21 May - 24 May 2018

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Live Event

Riverside presents

Sharp Short Theatre is a chance for young writers, directors and performers to showcase their stories on Riverside’s stage. This competition of courage and passion offers students the rare experience of working in a professional theatre.

Now in its fourth year of providing an opportunity for budding writers, directors and performers to exercise their creative muscles and learn from industry mentors, Sharp Short Theatre has fast become one of the highlights of the Riverside year. All entries perform in a heat and then the best pieces are invited to perform in the final, where students can be awarded prizes in categories including best script, best direction, best performance and best overall production. Plays come from all theatrical genres including comedy, documentary, suspense, period, drama and fantasy, giving your students a chance to play to their interests and let their imaginations run wild!

Entries must be written and directed by students (18 years and under) and can be up to a maximum of 10 minutes in duration. Entries must be submitted by a producer, for example a parent, teacher or responsible adult 18 years or over. Our 2017 prize sponsors included Riverside’s National Theatre of Parramatta, NIDA, ATYP, Belvoir Street Theatre, Shopfront Arts Coop, Monkey Baa Theatre Company, Currency Press and Playwriting Australia.

So what are you waiting for? Get writing!

Students may submit their draft scripts for review by a professional playwright in the lead up to this event – See ‘Script Advisory Service Form’ tab
Price: $30 per script
Deadline: Wednesday 21 March at 5pm

To register, please complete our online form (one form per entry) – See ‘Registration Form’ tab
Entries Close: Wednesday 11 April at 5pm – See ‘Schools Bookings and Resources’ tab for full details on registration, requirements and deadlines
Price: $15 per entry

Dates & Times: Heats –  Monday 21 – Thursday 24 May at 7:30pm, Final –  Friday 8 June at 7:30pm
Price: Heats – Adult $18, Concession $12, Final – All tickets $20

Suitable for Years 3 – 12


I personally love the Sharp Short Theatre competition. Not only do I thoroughly enjoy seeing students having a great time doing what they enjoy and making new friends, but every year I am floored by the creativity and intelligence of the students’ work. And don’t be fooled – even though it’s a competition for students up to the age of 18, the primary groups always give their secondary peers a run for their money with the sheer scope of their imagination. A great opportunity for some hands on learning for your students and a chance to try working in a professional theatre.


Download the Curriculum Links here: Sharp Short Theatre Curriculum Links


Download a copy of our producer’s checklist here: Sharp Short Theatre 2018 Producer’s Checklist


Download the terms and conditions for Sharp Short Theatre here: Sharp Short Theatre 2018 Terms and Conditions


Download information on how to book here: How to Book

Download Riverside’s Risk Assessment here: 2018 Risk Assessment


Download information about access at Riverside here: Access at Riverside

Sharp Short Theatre 2018 Registration Form
Registration forms must be submitted by 5pm Wednesday 11 April, 2018. Please submit one form per entry.
Main Contact Details
We only require a postal address and not a street address for registration.
This is someone over the age of 18 eg a teacher or adult
About the Entry
Please indicate the style of your groups piece
Total Number
Total number of male actors
Total number of female actors
Provide a summary about your groups piece
List the names and year groups of cast members
Please provide a copy of your script, clearly marked with any technical cues as a doc, docx or pdf document (max file size 2MB).
Does the performance contain any of the following (Please tick all appropriate):
If you ticked yes to any of the content warnings above, please outline the details

Please select your first and second preferences for the date of your heat from the drop down menus below. The dates will be filled on a first come, first served basis. You will be required at Riverside Theatres from 12 noon on your heat day. There will then be one showing in front of an audience and the judges, with the heat commencing at 7:30pm. The final will be held on Friday 8 June 2018 at 7:30pm, so please ensure you are also available for that date (Tech starts at 3:30pm for the final) in case your performance makes it through.

Limited parking is available for school minivans in the Riverside car park. Cost is $5 per vehicle. There is not enough parking for all participants, so please consider being dropped off or using public transport. Please tick the box below and fill in your registration details if you require parking.
Registration Number

An invoice will be raised and sent to you via email. Payment can be made by EFT, credit card or cheque.

Does your performance include any music other than originally composed music? (This includes any music that is sung live by the performers)
APRA (Australian Performing Rights Association) requires Riverside to pay royalties for each piece of music used in a live performance attended by paying members of the public. These royalties go directly to the artists who created the work. It is important that artists be acknowledged and financially compensated for the use of the intellectual property. Any music other than originally composed music used in your piece- including any music that is sung live by the performers (i.e. the music does not have to be from a recording) must be listed here. If this information is not received with your entry you will not be able to use music in your performance. We will process your application and inform you if any tracks have not been approved by APRA. If you require APRA clearance please list the song name, artist, writer (if known) and length of track being used (in seconds) below.

Download a copy of the terms and conditions here: Terms and Conditions

As the producer of this work, I hereby give permission on behalf of myself, the writer and the director for the play mentioned here to be performed in the 2018 Sharp Short Theatre competition and if selected, at the 2018 Sharp Short Theatre Finals night. I understand no royalties will be received for these performances but if selected for the final the participants of this production may be eligible to win prizes. I have read the terms and conditions provided in the document, understand and agree to adhere to them. If this entry is associated with a school or organisation, I state that the school/organisation has full knowledge of the entry and has given the appropriate permission for these students to be involved and to represent the school/organisation.
Sharp Short Theatre 2018 Script Advisory Service
Students may submit their draft scripts for review by a professional playwright in the lead up to this event. Click here to complete our online form to apply for this service. Price: $30 per script Deadline: Wednesday 21 March at 5pm
The Script Advisory Service costs $30 per script
Please provide a copy of your script as a doc, docx or pdf document (max file size 2MB)

Ticket Options

Script Advisory Service $30
Registration (Per Entry) $15
Heats - Adult $18
Heats - Concession $12
Final - All tickets $20
Transaction fees apply
Phone $4.60
Web $3.60
Counter $2.60
Screen $1.65
School Bookings $3.30

Available Dates

May 2018
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7 8 9 10 11 12 13
14 15 16 17 18 19 20
21 22 23 24 25 26 27
28 29 30 31
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