Richard III

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Ensemble Theatre

Richard III

Venue Lennox Theatre
Dates 22 July - 26 July 2014

By William Shakespeare

A man gathers a group of actors to perform a secret version Richard III hidden away from an oppressive society.

Richard is malicious, power hungry, obsessive and aspires secretly to the throne – as the man and his friends delve deeper into the dark world of the play, the line between reality and Shakespeare is thrillingly explored with passionate, tragic and hilarious results.

Remaining true to Shakespeare’s dialogue, Mark Kilmurry’s exciting new production honours the original play whilst wildly re-imagining it for new audiences.

DIRECTOR: Mark Kilmurry
PERFORMERS: Danielle Carter, Patrick Dickson, Matt Edgerton, Mark Kilmurry, Amy Mathews, Tony Scanlon

Dates & Times:
Tuesday 22 July 7:30pm
Thursday 24 July 7:30pm
Friday 25 July 7:30pm
Saturday 26 July 2:15pm
Saturday 26 July 7:30pm

“…a vigorous, swiftly moving and highly entertaining production…” – Stage Whispers

“His (Mark Kilmurry) Richard is a delightfully beguiling, witty rascal. He’s fiendish, yes, but somehow so sincere in his realistic perspective. It’s a knock-kneed, knockabout Richard without any of the pompous cant of his well-bodied peers” – Arts Hub

“His royal tyrant is a runty hobgoblin of a man twisted as much by resentment and greed as by genetic deformity. Not for him the brooding menace of Kevin Spacey or Sir Ian McKellan or other Richard III’s of stage and screen. This version is a home-grown monster, an underestimated and oft-ignored little scrapper determined to win the throne at any cost. It’s a perceptive and very human portrayal that ties in well with Kilmurry’s (who also directs)desire to re imagine Shakespeare’s play for a modern audience.” – Stage Noise

“Kilmurry’s stagecraft is magic, the cast are splendid, honest and graceful.” – The Spell of Waking Hours

“Powerful and compelling performances.” – Sydney Chic

“Mark Kilmurry’s performance of Richard is brilliant. Complex with outstanding performances by the cast.” – Susanne Gervay 

“An engaging and timely mix of political skullduggery. Thumbs up!” – Oz Baby Boomers

“Mark Kilmurry, playing Richard III and directing, is at the centre of this masterfully woven performance. Cunning, manipulative and very amusing, Killmurry portrays a Richard III that has audience members both gasping in outrage and laughing from their seats. He commands the audience’s attention from start to finish, pulling them into Richard’s power-hungry manipulation.” – North Sydney Times 

“This show is fast-paced, clear and well acted. There are many playful moments generated by Kimurry’s mischievous Richard. Patrick Dickson (Buckingham), Toni Scanlan (who doubles as the Duchess of York and Tyrell) and Matt Edgerton offer strong support.” – The Sun Herald

“Patrick Dickson brings old-school polish and command of the language to the piece as Buckingham.” – Sydney Morning Herald


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Approximately 2 hours 30 minutes (Including 20 minute interval)

Ticket Prices

Sidekicks Adult $43
Sidekicks Conc. $38
Adult $48
Concession $43
Youth 30&U $38
F/T Student $31
Group 8+ $43

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