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FORM Dance Projects and Riverside Theatres presents De Quincey Co



Lennox Theatre


15 September - 17 September 2016

Metadata is an immersive performance work comprising two connected pieces PureLight and Moths and Mathematics. Probing the latest developments in physics and cosmology, the artists explore a universe of colour, reverberation, particles and impermanence. Metadata invites you to delve into an intimate yet epic world revealing microscopic realms that catapult into a monumental universe.

Post-show ARTS-SCIENCE EXCHANGE: join in the conversation after each performance with the artists and invited scientists. A guest physicist, cosmologist or astronomer will elucidate some of the latest developments within the science field in the context of the performance. Facilitated by Associate Professor Ian Maxwell, Department of Theatre and Performance Studies, The University of Sydney.

“Nothing less than the essence of life.” – Deborah Jones, The Australian

Please Note: This performance has a 15 minute lock out period

Image Credit: Sam James

Dates & Times:
Thursday 15 September 8pm – (includes Arts-Science Exchange)
Friday 16 September 12.30pm – (includes Arts-Science Exchange)
Saturday 17 September 8pm – (includes Arts-Science Exchange)

Arts-Science Exchange Speakers

Thursday 15 September 8pm

Prof. Geraint F Lewis, Professor of Astrophysics, Sydney Institute for Astronomy, The University of Sydney

Friday 16 September 12.30pm

Prof. Geraint F Lewis, Professor of Astrophysics, Sydney Institute for Astronomy, The University of Sydney

Saturday 17 September 8pm

Dr Maryanne Large, Associate Professor, School of Physics, The University of Sydney

Choreographer and Performers:  Tess De Quincey, Peter Fraser Sound:  Pimmon Burt Warren Burt Animation:   Boris Morris Bagattini Video:  Martin Fox Lighting Design: Sian James-Holland

Ticket Options

Adult $35
Concession $28
F/T Student $25
Child Under 16 $25
Groups 6+ $20
Transaction fees apply
Phone $4.60
Web $3.60
Counter $2.60
Screen $1.65
School Bookings $3.30


Approximately 1 hour 30 minutes (No interval)

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