Make Hummus, Not War

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Make Hummus, Not War

Venue Raffertys Theatre
Dates 02 September 2013

A documentary by Trevor Graham

Could a regional love of hummus be the recipe for peace in the Middle East? We follow director Trevor Graham on his journey though the hummus bars of, Beirut, Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Gaza and New York as he goes on a dip tasting tour to find the answers to ‘who owns’ hummus and who has the most mouth-watering recipe of all. But, Make Hummus Not War is more than a journey. It’s a quest. It’s a story with all the drama of a war, starring the usual suspects. Jews and Arabs. Israel and Lebanon. The Palestinians are cheering on the sidelines too. This culinary war over chick peas and who owns the food and its Middle East heritage is just as ferocious as the last Israeli war with Lebanon in 2006. But it has NO bullets. NO bombs. NO bloody casualties. Just chick peas!

It’s a film where hummus has become a subterfuge for a bigger, bloodier picture, riddled with age old hatreds, rivalry and identity. And finally, it asks the question: could a regional love of hummus be the long searched for solution to peace in the Middle East? Or is this just a delicious fantasy?

Classification: E

Dates & Times:
7:00pm, Monday 2 September 2013

Members $7, Non-Members $12*
*Transaction fees may apply


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